Car Accidents While Vacationing in Florida

September 26, 2018

Car Accidents While Vacationing in FloridaThe average American family will take several vacations over the years. Almost 60 percent of Americans travel more than 100 miles away from their home on summer vacation each year, so it shouldn’t be surprising that vacationing families often experience car accidents at the most unwelcome time. But what happens if you are involved in a car accident while vacationing in Florida?

What Happens When You Get in a Car Accident While on Vacation in Florida?

Car accidents are much more likely to occur when the driver is drowsy or pushing their limits. While vacationing often means long hours spent driving in the car, parents should never attempt to continue driving when they get too tired to focus on the road. If an unforeseen accident does occur and someone gets injured, then do not wait until you return home to get checked out by a doctor. Your family’s health is a top priority. Although it’s not ideal, your family may need to visit the local emergency room for treatment.

Sometimes, vacation plans need to be changed due to circumstances beyond your control. If this happens while you are visiting Florida, then keep a detailed record of the extra expenses you incur or prepaid events or accommodations that you have to cancel. If you don’t have to cancel your vacation, then you still need to be vigilant about what you post on social media about your trip. Photographs of you enjoying yourself may be used against you later to argue that you were not as hurt as you claim. Such accusations have derailed personal injury claims in the past.

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