Examining Aggressive Driving Crashes in West Palm Beach, FL

Aggressive driving is one of the most dangerous forms of driving in Florida. It can be just as dangerous as distracted, drowsy, and impaired driving because the driver is knowingly driving using aggressive tactics. The official definition for aggressive driving from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is “the operation of a vehicle that […]

Car Accidents Involving the Elderly in Broward County, FL

When it comes to the elderly and driving, this is a difficult situation for law enforcement and lawmakers to handle. There aren’t any laws out there that dictate at what age a person must stop driving like there are those that dictate when a person is allowed to begin driving. There are thousands of accidents […]

Safety Tips for Driving in Flash Floods in Florida

Surprisingly, flash flooding is a top cause of weather-related deaths in Florida. Over half of flash flood deaths in the United States involve motor vehicle accidents. Data obtained from the National Flood Insurance Program revealed that Florida ranked third among all states for the highest amount of losses related to flooding. With increasingly erratic weather […]

Car Accidents While Vacationing in Florida

The average American family will take several vacations over the years. Almost 60 percent of Americans travel more than 100 miles away from their home on summer vacation each year, so it shouldn’t be surprising that vacationing families often experience car accidents at the most unwelcome time. But what happens if you are involved in […]

Palm Beach County Car Accidents on the Rise

The roads in South Florida are becoming more and more dangerous, yet police officers are writing fewer tickets, according to a recent report. Records from the state show that there were a staggering 33,800 more car crashes across three counties, including Palm Beach County, in 2017 compared to 2012. For the same time period, officers […]