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The compensation awards in truck accident cases have the potential to be very large, in part because there are often multiple defendants and insurance companies involved, and in part because the injuries suffered in truck accidents tend to be serious and frequently catastrophic. In fact, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures, paralysis, and death are all common injuries in big truck crashes, as the force of a truck weighing tens of thousands of pounds can be devastating, especially when the body of the truck intrudes into the passenger compartment of a car or other automobile.

At the same time, truck accident cases tend to be much more complex than run-of-the-mill car accident cases, in part due to the number of parties typically involved, and in part due to the legwork required to collect all the evidence needed to pursue a truck accident case. In a truck crash case the defendants can include the truck driver, the owner of the truck, the trucking company, the party or parties responsible for maintaining or inspecting the truck, and the truck manufacturer, among others. And the evidence that needs to be collected to successfully pursue a claim can be extensive. It includes police reports, witness statements, video evidence, driving records, maintenance records, employment records, and inspection reports.

That’s why it’s vital to consult with and retain an attorney who extensive experience handling truck accident cases. Charles Cartwright of the Lake Worth-based law firm of Gonzalez & Cartwright is just such an attorney, as he accrued 15 years of experience handling truck accident cases before co-founding his own law firm in 2010. His experience can be a powerful asset in these cases because he knows how to counter the strategies that insurance companies attempt to use when defending truck drivers, trucking companies, and truck manufacturers.

So if you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact a Boynton Beach truck accidents lawyer at Gonzalez & Cartwright today to schedule a free consultation. We will review the details of your accident and discuss pursuing legal action against the responsible parties.

Why Choose Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. to Represent Your Interests Following a Truck Accident in Delray Beach, FL?

At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., we work diligently and tireless to ensure that our clients are compensated for injuries or death resulting from a truck accident. Our attorneys have over three decades of combined experience handling truck crash cases and securing awards of compensation for our clients in South Florida. We are prepared to thoroughly investigate each truck accident case in which we are retained and to identify all potentially responsible parties, which commonly include:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company that owns the truck
  • The truck manufacturer
  • Safety inspectors or other parties responsible for inspecting the truck
  • The company responsible for maintaining the truck
  • The company that loaded the truck

In some cases a “broker” is also involved, one who has connected the trucking company with the freight company and has responsibility for tracking movement of the cargo.

Common Types of Truck Accidents in Palm Beach Gardens and Other Communities in South Florida

There are many different types of truck accidents, some of which are common with all types of commercial trucks and others that are unique to semi-trucks, tanker trucks and tractor-trailer trucks. Some of the most common types are:

  • Jackknife accidents
  • Truck rollovers
  • Blind spot accidents
  • Wide turn accidents
  • Lost load accidents
  • Underride accidents, including rear underride and side underride crashes

In addition, there are other types of truck accidents that are described with much the same terminology as you’d use to describe a car accident, like a head-on crash, a rear-end accident, a T-bone crash, or a wreck caused by a tire blowout. Regardless of the type of crash that occurred, truck accident cases tend to be more complex and involve many more parties than car accident cases. As such it’s advisable to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to review the circumstances surrounding your accident and to begin the process of obtaining and preserving evidence.

At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., our truck accident lawyers leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding all potentially responsible parties and then holding those parties accountable for injuries or wrongful death.

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If you or a family member has been the victim or a truck accident you need a Boynton Beach truck accidents lawyer who is skilled at assessing and addressing the myriad issues that can arise in cases involving injury or death. Whether you are pursuing a claim for personal injuries or wrongful death, our attorneys understand how important your case is and how emotionally and physically draining it can be to pursue a lawsuit. That’s one reason we provide regular updates to clients about the progress of their case and why clients have the personal cell phone number of their attorney. Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation so that we can understand your goals and discuss your legal options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boynton Beach Truck Accident

FAQ: The trucking company’s insurance adjuster has contacted me and asked for a statement. Should I give him/her a statement?

No, to protect your legal rights you should not speak with a trucking company’s insurance adjuster. Nor should you sign anything before consulting with an attorney who specializes in truck accident cases. If you decide to retain an attorney he or she can then speak with the insurance adjuster or a trucking company’s attorneys on your behalf, yet another way in which legal representation can reduce the stress you inevitably deal with in the wake of an accident. Keep in mind that an individual working on behalf of a trucking company always has his or her employer’s best interests in mind, not those of you or your family.

FAQ: How much is my truck accident case worth?

Every case is different and there are many factors that go into determining how much a truck accident case is worth, including economic damages like hospital bills and medical expenses, as well as qualifying non-economic damages like pain & suffering. Contact our office today at 561-264-8344 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and legal options. Our attorneys and staff are bilingual and weekend & evening appointments are available. We are also able to travel to your home or hospital, as we recognize that truck accident victims are not always able to travel.