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If you or someone you love is injured due to negligence, you may suffer serious losses, either financially, emotionally or both. To recover compensation, you may need to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. Your personal injury lawsuit may result in financial compensation, which you may need to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, future medical care and other things. The lawsuit also may be necessary to hold the negligent individual or entity accountable. In many cases, a personal injury lawsuit leads to elevated safety standards or new laws.

Some people who are injured may ask, "Why hire a personal injury lawyer?" They may think they are smart enough to deal with the insurance companies. You may not need a lawyer in, say, a minor car accident with little or no injury. But if you are coping with a serious injury, you may learn quickly that the insurance company is good at delaying, denying or aggressively defending a claim. It's always wise to contact an attorney to learn about your options. At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., we provide a free consultation. If we accept your case, we offer personal attention. You can speak with your attorney anytime. We fight aggressively to protect our client's rights.

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