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Types of Brain Injuries - Our South Florida TBI attorneys help injury victims

Brain injuries can instantly change a person's life forever. Suddenly, you or a loved one might not be able to perform many of the tasks you take for granted, including walking or working.

Sometimes, the effects of a mild brain injury can last for a few weeks or months. But in many cases, brain injuries last forever and permanently affect a person's life and the lives of their family members. That's why they're among the most serious personal injury accidents we encounter at our law firm.

Whatever type of brain injury you're dealing with, a South Florida TBI attorney at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. can help you every step of the way. Our experienced lawyers have handled many brain and spinal cord injury cases throughout the West Palm Beach area. We know how the legal system works here and what it takes to win tough cases.

Types of TBIs

Some of the most common - and most serious - brain injuries we deal with in South Florida at our law firm include:

  • Concussion - Brain injury involving the brain coming into contact with the interior of the skull. This injury often occurs due to an accident in which a person's head is struck or violently moved. The physical effects of a concussion are often temporary and last a few days or weeks. But repeated concussions can result in permanent brain damage.
  • Contusion - Bruising of the brain. This type of brain injury often occurs due to a direct blow to the head. Along with a bruise, many brain contusions involve internal bleeding. The effects of a brain contusion are often temporary. But serious physical problems can occur if a brain contusion is left untreated. That's why this type of brain injury can potentially be so dangerous.
  • Edema - Medical term used to describe swelling of the brain. This type of brain injury can put extreme pressure on the brain and result in a serious brain injury, including internal bleeding or other brain damage.
  • Diffuse axonal injury - This type of brain injury causes damage to brain cells without internal bleeding. Swelling of the brain can also sometimes occur at the same time. Many people who sustain a diffuse axonal injury (DAI) go into a coma or a vegetative state and never regain consciousness. DAIs can also be fatal.

Warning signs of a traumatic brain injury can be very clear. But they can also often be very confusing, especially if you or a loved one has never had a TBI before. Whatever type of brain injury you're dealing with, no matter how straightforward or complicated it might seem, our law firm wants to help you get your life back on track.

How our law firm can help you

You might think you don't need a lawyer if you or a loved one sustained a serious brain injury in South Florida due to someone else's reckless or negligent behavior. All you have to do is seek medical treatment and insurance companies will take care of the rest.

Unfortunately, brain injuries are rarely that simple. Often, the person who caused your brain injury will deny doing anything wrong. And if the brain injury occurred in a loved one, they might not be able to talk or explain exactly what happened.

That's why you need our experienced legal team on your side, defending your rights. We know how to analyze accident reports, medical records and other official documents related to your accident. We also regularly consult with experts, visit the accident scene itself and interview witnesses whenever possible. We leave no stone unturned.

Find out how we can help you with your TBI. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation today.