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Types of Spinal Cord Injuries - Our South Florida attorneys put your needs first

Spinal cord injuries are among the most serious personal injury accidents we deal with at our South Florida law firm. That's why we take such cases so seriously at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. throughout the West Palm Beach area.

Our Florida spinal cord injury attorneys realize an injury to the spine can instantly change a person's life forever. You or a loved one might not be able to walk, swim or do many of the other things so many of us take for granted.

Knowing what to do after a serious brain and spinal cord injury can be confusing, especially if the injury occurred due to someone else's actions. Even knowing what your rights are might not be clear. That's why we want to meet with you right away to explain all your available options and which one makes the most sense for you.

Types of spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries cover a wide range. The location of the injury often determines the severity of the injury. In most cases, wherever the spinal cord injury occurs, the person loses some or all physical abilities below the injury location. Some of the most serious spinal cord injuries we regularly deal with at our South Florida law firm include:

  • Incomplete spinal cord injuries - This type of spinal cord injury involves the spine only being partially severed. These are generally less severe than other spinal cord injuries, as people who sustain these injuries can often still partially use their body below the spinal cord injury location.
  • Complete spinal cord injuries - This type of injury involves the spinal cord being completely severed. As a result, the person who sustained this injury cannot physically move below the location of the injury.

In the case of a complete spinal cord injury, the location of the injury defines what type of paralysis the injured person has sustained. Different types of paralysis include:

  • Paraplegia - Paralysis in the lower half of the body. Often, the injured person can still use their arms but has no sensation or movement in their legs.
  • Quadriplegia or tetraplegia - This type of paralysis affects the movement of the arms and legs. The spinal cord injury often occurs in the neck or high up on the spine.
  • Triplegia - Person who sustains spinal cord injury loses the ability to move one arm and both legs.

Why you should choose our law firm

You might think you don't need a lawyer if you or a loved one sustained a spinal cord injury in an accident in South Florida caused by someone else. All you have to do is seek immediate medical treatment and insurance companies will take care of the rest, right?

Don't be so sure. In many cases, spinal cord injuries turn out to be extremely complicated. The person who caused your accident might deny any wrongdoing. And even if they do admit they caused your accident, insurance companies often do everything they can to reduce or deny your accident claim.

Insurance companies can often be difficult to deal with because spinal cord injury claims can often be worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. If you or a loved one is partially or completely paralyzed, your family will need to make sure you have enough money for medical expenses and lost income for the rest of your lives.

Our law firm can help you demand the compensation you deserve. We know how to find the facts that matter. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies. And if they refuse to cooperate, we're prepared to take them to court. Contact us to find out how we can help you. Your case matters here.