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Football Season Brings Increased Risk of Car Accidents to West Palm Beach

In West Palm and throughout Florida, many people are football teams and enjoy watching some of the many college and pro teams including the Miami Dolphins, Miami Hurricanes, Florida Gators, and the Florida State Seminoles. With so many different football teams coming out of Florida, fans can find great games to watch virtually every weekend, as well as Mondays and Thursday nights.

Unfortunately, while football is a fun pastime, the drinking which often accompanies the game can have some serious consequences. Many people who attend sporting events at stadiums, or even who go to watch games at friends' houses, football season means a higher risk of drunk driving accidentsmay find themselves having just a little bit too much to drink. If football fans imbibe more than they should and end up getting behind the wheel of the car, the consequences can include serious and sometimes deadly accidents. Victims and their families need to know what happens when car accidents occur due to drunk football fans, while those who watch and enjoy football games should make it a point to avoid getting into a situation where they are likely to cause drunk driving accidents.

When considering the amount of drinking which goes on during football season, it is not surprising that football game days see higher rates of drunk driving accidents. According to a report from Bloomberg, around one out of every 10 fans who attend football games will be legally drunk by the time the fan leaves the game.

Among tailgaters, the risk of intoxication is even more substantial as those who attend a tailgating party have a 14 times greater chance of being legally intoxicated.  Among those who tailgate, around 25 percent say they drink at least five drinks, which is enough alcohol to be well over the permissible .08 blood alcohol concentration limit and which is enough to make someone a menace behind the wheel.

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying football Sundays, football is not an excuse to drive drunk and potentially cause a deadly auto accident to occur. Anyone who is going to be attending a football game and who plans on drinking alcohol while watching the sport should also make plans for a designated driver to take them home when the game is over. Football game attendees should also make sure their friends do not drive drunk.

For those who want to throw parties during football season, making sure no one leaves your house intoxicated is also important. You should have non-alcoholic beverage options for those who will serve as designated drivers and you should also make certain you call a cab or invite anyone who has had too much to drink to spend the night.  By doing your part to help keep people from getting behind the wheel drunk, you can help to stop drunk driving car accidents during football season.

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