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How Can You Do Your Part to Stop Holiday Accidents in West Palm Beach This Season?

While the holidays should be a festive time of the year to spend with loved ones, some families find their holiday season ending in tragedy. This is because the holiday season is also a very dangerous time of year. Each year, accident rates increase during the holiday season and people are hurt or killed by preventable accidents. The ramifications of injuries and the loss of a loved one can impact individuals and families for the rest of their lives, and it is imperative that everyone take responsibility to try to stop deadly holiday accidents from happening. to-do-list-1307631

Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates an average of 250 people daily are hurt during the holiday season. A lot of these people who get hurt sustain injuries because of car accidents, defective products, and unsafe conditions in stores.

If you are a driver, you can do something about the car accident risks which increase over the holidays. You can commit to being sober behind the wheel and to stopping friends from driving drunk, which is essential because New Years and Christmas are some of the dangerous days of the year for impaired driving. You can also make a commitment to staying focused on the road at all times while driving, paying attention to what others are doing, and calling the police if you see someone who appears to be driving while intoxicated.

When it comes to defective products, it is the job of product manufacturers to try to keep the public safe by not releasing defective items for sale. Still, you can do your part to try to prevent your loved ones from being hurt if dangerous products end up making it to the marketplace. Before you buy any product, you should check with Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure there aren't any active recalls or safety warnings. If you are a parent and your kids get toys as holiday gifts, you should also periodically check CPSC to make sure no problems develop over time that lead to a later recall.

The other common cause of accidents, injuries from holiday shopping, are going to be harder for you to prevent. You can skip big events like Black Friday which tend to be dangerous for shoppers because of issues with crowds and a potential risk of shoppers getting violent. However, problems can happen in retail stores at any time.

Violence could occur, crowds could get out of control, or something as simple as debris in the walkway could cause an accident.  Although it is ultimately the stores responsibility to ensure safety, you still can and should speak up if you see hazards like a spill in the aisle that could create a slippery situation. By speaking up, you could possibly help to protect someone from a holiday injury!

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