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West Palm Beach’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Florida auto accident attorneyThe numbers back up what you probably already suspect if you spend much time driving around West Palm Beach – the intersection of Okeechobee Boulevard and North Military Trail is the most dangerous for accidents in Palm Beach County.

Where the danger exists

According to The Palm Beach Post, Okeechobee and Military was the scene of 183 crashes last year — by far the most any intersection in the county has ever experienced. That works out to about one accident every other day. It also was the site of a fatal accident for the third straight year. The data was supplied by the county Engineering and Public Works Department.

Today, the intersection includes nearly 30 through and turn lanes – every one of them a potential accident scene for the more than 100,000 vehicles that pass through every day.

And it’s not just the Military intersection that poses a danger. A half-mile west, Okeechobee at Haverhill Road is the county’s second-most crash-filled intersection, with 118 wrecks in 2017. Two miles the other way, where Okeechobee intersects with Interstate 95’s southbound exit ramp, there were 91 crashes last year.

Military presents hazards of its own. The north-south roadway from Palm Beach Gardens to Delray Beach made the list of the county’s 20 most dangerous intersections six times.

Perhaps most frustrating is that traffic safety experts say many accidents at Okeechobee and Military are due to carelessness, such as fender benders caused by vehicles veering into a turn lane, or rear-enders at red lights.

Unfortunately, there is only so much that you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from someone who is driving recklessly or paying more attention to their smartphone than a dangerous intersection. One moment, you’re enjoying a sun-filled drive. The next, your life is chaos. You may be seriously injured and unable to provide for your family while facing a lengthy rehabilitation and a mountain of medical bills. An insurance company, fully aware of your desperation, will do its best to trick you into accepting a financial settlement that falls short of what you need and what you legally deserve.

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