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Pokemon Go Causing Pedestrian Accidents

Pokemon Go has become increasingly popular, but it is unfortunately upping the risk of pedestrian accidents significantly.  Pokemon Go is really dangerous because both pedestrians AND drivers could become distracted by playing the game. A driver could strike a pedestrian because the driver is looking at the phone screen to play the game and isn't paying attention to walkers around him. Pedestrians could also step onto the road without looking or could step in front of a car because they are more focused on what is going on with the game than on the reality surrounding them.

When a pedestrian accident happens because of Pokemon Go, it is important to determine if the driver was at fault, the pedestrian was at fault, or both. If the driver was wholly or partly at fault, the pedestrian could recover compensation for some or all of the damages resulting from a serious pedestrian accident, with the percent of recovery determined by the level of fault attributed to the driver.Pokemon Go causing pedestrian accidents

Medical News Today reported on the risk of pedestrian accidents due to Pokemon Go.  Pokemon Go is a game which can be downloaded on people's phones and which is described as an "augmented reality" game.  It works by using the GPS coordinates on people's phones, and the object is for people to go out and about into the world and catch more than 100 different species of Pokemon which are "placed" at different locations.  Pokemon Go became the top grossing app within 13 hours of being released, and aro
und four to five million people per day download the game.

Unfortunately, because the game requires going out into the real world while using smart phones, it is exacerbating distracted driving and distracted walking problems. Pedestrians are using the phone without looking where they are going, and drivers are using the phones to play the game while behind the wheel. Drivers may not see other cars, but the likelihood of them missing pedestrians is greater since pedestrians are smaller than other vehicles.

Researchers aimed to determine the risk of accidents resulting from Pokemon Go playing. Researchers looked at tweets about the game and about distracted driving or distracted walking to try to measure how many people are being distracted by the game. They found almost 114,000 incidents in which people mentioned being distracted while either walking or driving.  Around 18 percent of the tweets which were identified indicated someone was playing Pokemon Go while they were driving their cars.  By contrast, a much smaller percentage of tweets- just four percent- indicated a pedestrian was dangerously distracted while playing.

If drivers make the high-risk choice to play Pokemon Go while driving, the risk they could hurt someone is substantial. Looking at a phone for just six seconds means a driver going 60 MPH will travel around 500 feet without looking. Any pedestrian who is in the path of such a driver could be badly hurt or even killed in the resulting collision.

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