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Who is Responsible for Boating Accidents in West Palm Beach?

Boating accidents are far too common in West Palm Beach. Just recently WPTV reported on a group of boaters involved in an accident in West Palm Beach canal, during which some of them were injured. The incident occurred just after 2:30 PM, half a mile south of the local Airport Hilton. There were multiple vessels on the canal at the time of the incident, and two of the vessels collided. Injured people were thrown into the water after the collision. A rescue crew was able to help boaters get to where they could receive medical care. pure-sun-1478556

One victim was reportedly transported to a floating dock located near the Airport Hilton. At the dock, paramedics were waiting to take the victim to a local area hospital for treatment.

One of the individuals involved in the accident stated her fiancé had been thrown off the vessel and was hurt badly. The incident was still under investigation, but this is likely one of many boating accidents which will occur in the area over the course of the year.

Who is Responsible for West Palm Boating Accidents? 

The recent boating accident in West Palm Beach was likely caused by at least one of the boats failing to follow rules or failing to exercise reasonable care to ensure no crash occurred among different vessels.

It will be important to determine which boater(s) were engaged in negligent or careless actions leading up to the incident. It will also be important to determine if any of the boaters were breaking the law while operating their vessels on the canal. A violation of safety rules can create a presumption that the boater was negligent, and is thus responsible for accidents resulting from that negligence.

Once it has been determined whose actions led to a boating accident, the victim(s) of the incident may pursue a damage claim. To get fully compensated, the victims will need to show a safety violation and/or will need to demonstrate a reasonable boater would have done better to avoid the crash under the same circumstances.

It is common for boating accident cases to arise when a boater operates the boat while intoxicated or impaired by drugs, or if a passenger is harmed because a boater doesn't have enough life jackets or lift vests onboard in case of an emergency.

If the victim can prove another boat operator was liable for causing an accident or for causing injuries, the victim should be compensated for all losses and damages resulting from the incident. Since evidence can sometimes be lost in cases where an accident happens on water, getting prompt assistance to gather evidence and prove a claim is a smart choice after suffering injuries from any accident that occurs on a boat.

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