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Speeding a Major Factor in Florida Car Accident Fatalities

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, auto accidents involving speeding were responsible for more than 112,500 deaths on U.S. roads between 2005 and 2014. This is almost equivalent to the number of people who died in alcohol-related car accidents during that same time frame.

Unfortunately, speeding has not received anywhere near the attention, media coverage or activism afforded to the campaign against drunk driving. Speeding does not face the crucial social stigma that has helped to curb drunk driving in recent years. And yet, in a speeding-related crash, victims are more likely to sustain serious, or fatal, injuries than in accidents where speed is not a factor.

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Where Speeding Accidents Are Most Likely to Occur

To address the problem of speeding-related accidents, it is important for drivers to be aware of the circumstances that are most likely to result in such an accident. Consumer Affairs reports that speeding-related fatalities are more than three times more likely to occur on local roads than on highways. Because of this, the National Transportation Safety Board is encouraging state, county, municipal, and other local governments to set and enforce stricter speeding laws.

Speeding and speeding-related accidents are also more likely to occur in areas which do not use photo enforcement programs. The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a longitudinal review of studies which measured the efficacy of automated enforcement technology programs.

Of 28 studies reviewed, every single one reported a lower number of crashes after implementation of a speed enforcement technology program. Bloomberg reports that such technologies are widely acknowledged to be an effective deterrent to speeding, but that they are currently only used in fourteen states and the District of Columbia. Their efficacy has caused the National Transportation Safety Board to recommend that states remove laws which prohibit the use of such technologies.

What You Can Do to Prevent Speeding-Related Car Accidents

Until drivers accept personal responsibility for following such laws, speeding deaths will continue to plague America's highways. To that end, it is important for drivers to be aware and cautious of their speed. Friends and family members should speak up when a driver's speed is not safe. While this can be an uncomfortable discussion, it is one that can save lives. Create a calm atmosphere of discussion in which no one is accused of being a "backseat driver." Grassroots movements have been incredibly effective at targeting the problem of drunk driving, and these can be used to address speeding-related deaths, as well. Consider joining a local advocacy group or campaigning to local politicians.

Teens, in particular, must establish safe driving habits early. Parents should make sure that their teens always follow laws pertaining to speeding, distracted driving, passenger occupancy, and other important safety rules. For more seasoned drivers, it is never too late to re-examine driving habits and commit to safer behavior on the road. Together, drivers can make the roads of Florida safer for everyone.

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