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Taking a Closer Look at How and Where Accidents Happen in West Palm Beach Hotels

Visiting a hotel should be a fun and relaxing experience. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen to vacationers while they are staying at hotels. Cornell University published a research paper evaluating the risks faced at hotels by both guests and employees. Understanding these risks is important for travelers so they can take steps to keep themselves and their families safe. miami-hotel-1496807

Hotel owners and operators also need to be aware of what the biggest risk factors are for guest injuries. If a Florida hotel accident occurs, it will be important to determine if the hotel was negligent under premises liability laws. If the hotel or staff members failed to fulfill their obligations to create a safe premises, victims who are injured or whose family members die in hotel accidents can pursue a claim for compensation for all resulting losses.

Where and How Do Accidents Happen in Hotels?
According to the research paper published by Cornell:

  • 42 percent of injuries which occur to hotel guests happen in slip, trip, and/or fall incidents. This is approximately the same percentage of injuries hospitality employees experience as a result of falls on-the-job at hotels.
  • 40 percent of injuries affecting hotel guests are security-related. Security-related incidents are the second leading cause of injuries among hotel guests. For staff members, on the other hand, materials-handling is the second leading reason for injuries. Materials handling incidents account for around 35 percent of injuries among hotel staff members.
  • Being struck by objectives, defective product injuries, or other similar related incidents are the third leading cause of injury among hotel guests, accounting for around 15 percent of injuries. This is also the third leading cause of employee injuries, accounting for approximately 13 percent of incidents in which hotel staff are hurt on-the-job.
  • Finally, food-borne illness is the cause of approximately three percent of injuries among hotel guests. Staff members, on the other hand, experience injuries due to things like fights and chemical exposure as additional causes of injury, rather than food poisoning.

With falls such a common occurrence, understanding where these falls happen is also essential to improving safety conditions in hotel settings. Slips, trips, and falls are most likely to occur in stairways, on balconies, on ramps, in parking lots, and in showers or bathtubs. Factors that can affect the likelihood of a fall in these high risk areas include whether there are handrails or guardrails; the use of non-slip or non-skid surfaces; the field of vision for victim's of accidents, maintenance issues in hotel locations, and the adequacy of lighting in the area where the fall injury takes place.

Hotels must take reasonable precautions in order to try to prevent accidents among both guests and staff. Hotel visitors who get hurt or whose loved ones are killed can obtain maintenance records, surveillance footage, and other evidence to help prove how the accident happened and to help demonstrate the hotel should be held accountable for injuries.

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