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Truck Accidents on I-95 in Florida

This past summer, Interstate 95 had to be shut down for several hours following a tragic truck accident in which a semitrailer and a box truck collided. The accident happened at approximately 9:15 in the morning, according to Florida Today. The crash occurred when the tire treads separated on a semi-truck that was hauling an excavator. The semi had been traveling in a southbound direction on I-95 when the driver lost control due to the tire problem and crashed through the guardrail.

The force of the truck hitting the guardrail caused an excavator which had been on the truck's trailer to come lose. The excavator rolled into the northbound lanes of I-95 and hit a semi trailer. Debris went everywhere, including into the windshields of cars. One of the victims was killed in the accident, and another may have been impaled by a metal rod in the cab of one of the trucks.highway truck accident

While this accident was a particularly serious one because two trucks were involved, it is one of many truck accidents that happen on I-95. Interstate 95 is very heavily traveled, especially by trucks transporting goods and materials, because it is the main interstate spanning the east coast of the country. I-95 goes in a north/south direction and stretches all the way from Florida to New England.

Because it is so heavily traveled, expansion plans are underway for I-95 in Florida.  All stretches that have not been expanded to six lanes are slowly being widened. Improving safety is important, as is making more room for traffic, because congested highways like I-95 are a significant risk factor for truck accidents. The number of trucks on I-95 is high because the Interstate connects so many places throughout Florida and serves as a gateway to Georgia and states beyond. A substantial number of trucks in a congested area means a greater risk of collisions since trucks have many blind spots and have long stopping distances.

If trucks do cause accidents on I-95, victims need to know their rights so they can understand whether a truck driver or trucking company can be held accountable for damages and losses the accident caused.

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