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Uncovering the Cause of West Palm Beach Rear-End Accidents

Last year between November and March, there were 54 pile-ups involving 10 or more vehicles. Multi-vehicle pileups often involve bad weather that makes it difficult for other drivers to see what is going on around them. These large-scale pileups can get started when just one car goes off the road or when two cars strike each other. Other cars may not be able to see what is happening to get out of the way. car-icon-4-1382399-m

These bad-weather multi-vehicle accidents are not the only type of chain reaction accidents that occur. In fact, chain reaction accidents happen in West Palm Beach, CityPlace, Flamingo Park and Wellington and surrounding areas all the time even though there is never snow on the ground in these areas. A rear-end accident lawyer knows that another very common reason multi-car accidents happen is because cars are simply too closely packed next to each other on the roads. Tightly packed cars and negligent drivers can lead to rear-end accidents, which can in turn lead to multiple cars being hit from behind.

Whenever a multi-car pileup happens, whether there are dozens of cars due to bad weather or a few cars involved in chain reaction rear-end crashes, it is important to uncover who is responsible for causing the crash. USA Today reports on the experts whose job it is to unravel what happened and find the causes of multi-vehcile accidents.

Rear-End Collisions Often Result in Multi-Car Crashes

Bad-weather multi-car pileups typically happen when visibility is at its worst, which is usually during a storm or when it is very foggy. Rear-end accidents that lead to chain reactions, on the other hand, can happen any time.

One common scenario is when a front vehicle stops short. The car following that vehicle may not be able to successfully stop in time to avoid hitting the back bumper of the lead car. This can result in that rear-vehicle hitting the vehicle in front of him. The driver behind the rear vehicle may also be unable to stop. The third car in the line could thus hit the second car after the first has been struck. In situations where traffic is very close together and there is little room for a driver to stop or maneuver out of the way, there could be multiple cars - all of which end up hitting the vehicle in front because of an inability to stop in time.

When these multi-car pileups occur, it can sometimes be difficult to determine where blame should be placed. USA Today reports that when massive multi-vehicle crashes happen, it can sometimes take months to unravel exactly what occurred. There are specially trained police officers and certified accident reconstruction specialists whose job it is to handle especially complex accidents. As one law enforcement officer told USA Today, "No matter how many vehicles are involved in a pileup -- which is usually several separate crashes -- these specialists can almost always determine what occurred and where culpability lies."

While the process may be easier in chain-reaction rear-end accidents, uncovering responsibility is still important so the right party can be held accountable for losses.

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