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West Palm Beach Drivers Face Road Rage Risks

Road rage puts motorists in West Palm Beach, Miami-Dade County and Broward County at risk. Road rage has always existed, but it has made headlines recently. From CNN stories about vigilante motorists in New Zealand stealing keys from tourists to a tragic story out of Las Vegas that People Magazine reports left a mother of four dead, road rage is clearly a hot-button issue. guy-screaming-872913-m

All of these instances may be occurring now because the number of people on the roads is increasing. CNBC reports that as the summer approaches and the biggest travel season of the year arrives, the roads get more crowded. A personal injury lawyer knows that more people on the roads means more potential for car accidents and disagreements.

The fact is, however, no matter how frustrated a motorist is with other drivers or how many people are on the roads, there is no justification for giving in to road rage. Road rage has serious consequences, both in terms of instances of violence as well as in an increased risk of motor vehicle crashes when drivers become aggressive. Every driver should do his or her part to avoid triggering an attack of road rage, and should make sure not to give in to an attack themselves.

Road Rage a Risk on Crowded Roads

While road rage is never an appropriate response, there are certain behaviors that are likely to trigger anger in fellow motorists. Motorists need to share the road as a common space, and as an Expedia General Manager told CNBC, "shared spaces demand decorum and attentiveness."

A survey of 1,001 Americans found that the behaviors most likely to trigger road rage included:

  • Driving while talking on a cell phone. A total of 69 percent of motorists listed this as the activity that is most likely to get them angry while driving.
  • Tailgating. This was the second highest cause of road rage. A total of 60 percent of motorists listed tailgating, or following too closely, as one of the top triggers of their anger behind the wheel.

Multitasking, people who drift from one lane to the other, and people who travel below the speed limit were the last items on the list of top reported triggers of road rage. Other behaviors that made the list included people who change lanes suddenly without signaling, and people who hog the left turn lane.

All of these behaviors are not only likely to make other motorists mad, they can also be dangerous. Drivers should be respectful of others on the road in order to avoid causing anger.

Of course, even a driver who does something wrong does not deserve to be the victim of an attack. Motorists need to get their road rage under control. WebMD has some tips including empathizing with other motorists; leaving early for your destination to avoid stress; and using either soothing music or deep breathing exercises to avoid giving in to anger behind the wheel.

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