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Recorded Accident Shows West Palm Beach Drunk Driving Crash Risks

In Florida and throughout the United States, car accidents involving drunk drivers consistently rank among the most common - and most serious - type of car accidents. This is no exception in West Palm Beach and surrounding communities. These accidents continue to represent a public safety hazard despite efforts by both law enforcement officials and safety organizations.


Drunk driving accidents, even when no one survives, can be frightening for victims and can leave those involved in these serious car accidents with life-changing injuries. One recent crash was unique because the entire incident was caught on film, showing motorists firsthand the dangers of getting behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol.

West Palm Beach Drunk Driving Accident Caught on Film

Sun Sentinel reported on the drunk driving car accident which was caught on camera. The incident involved a West Palm Beach police officer. The drunk driving suspect hit the police officer's vehicle, and the officer got out of the car and contacted a dispatcher to summon medical help.

As the officer was walking towards the car, he wondered why the driver had crossed into his path. He indicated he saw stars when he moved his neck and was in pain because of the accident.  He was also wearing a body camera at the time of the accident, which revealed the details both of the accident and of the events following the drunk driving collision.  The camera showed the drunk driver made a left turn directly into the police car, striking the vehicle and causing the air bags in the police car to deploy.

The officer got out of the car after the accident and approached the vehicle, where he found a partially nude woman who he believed was impaired by alcohol. The officer sat down on the curb to wait for paramedics, while the alleged drunk driver stayed in the car. When it appeared she was about to reverse the vehicle, the officer approached and took her keys.

The alleged drunk driver was a 53-year-old woman from West Palm Beach, who was charged for impaired driving as well as for other criminal acts including driving with no license and refusing to submit to a BAC test.  She reportedly had an open bottle of wine in the car at the time of the incident.

While this accident was caught on camera, the vast majority of DUI crashes are not filmed. Determining how the accident happens becomes important when collisions occur so victims can pursue a case for damages from those responsible for causing the accident.  Toxicology reports, police reports from the crash scene, witness testimony, and the expert testimony of accident reconstruction experts can all be helpful to crash victims in proving their collision was caused by a driver who was impaired by alcohol.

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