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West Palm Beach Drivers Should Know T-Bone Accident Dangers

An experienced T-Bone accident lawyer knows side impact crashes are common at intersections. Smart drivers know their crash risks and are aware of the dangers they face on the roads so they can take action to prevent becoming a victim. While you cannot control the actions of other motorists, being informed allows you to make safer choices so you do not become liable for a crash. car-speed-1360987-m

T-Bone and Intersection Accident Facts

There are more than 1.9 million accidents at U.S. intersections each year, according to Safe Roads. Approximately 43 percent of all auto accidents are  intersection-related. Nearly 50 percent of all crashes in urban areas occur at intersections, and intersection-related crashes account for one out of five fatal collisions on U.S. roads.

These accidents can occur at any "crossing conflict" including:

  • Where a driveway intersects with a road and a motorist pulls out without looking.
  • When a motorist runs a red light. One survey found 63 percent of Americans see someone running a red light several times a week and, in some cases, once a day. One out of every three people in America know someone who has been involved in a collision caused by someone who ran a red light.
  • When a driver enters an intersection without yielding the right-of-way or making sure the intersection is clear of cross traffic.

There are 32 possible conflict points in a typical intersection. Many accidents occur because drivers break rules, like going through a red light, or because motorists are unreasonably careless and fail to exercise caution before entering an intersection. A driver who violates a rule, like running a red light, may be presumed negligent for purposes of a car accident liability claim.

At roundabouts, there are fewer conflict points (eight, compared with 32) When roundabouts are installed in intersections, there is a 39 percent overall reduction in car accidents and a 76 percent decline in accidents causing deaths. Collisions involving injuries classified as incapacitating dropped by approximately 90 percent.

Motorists involved in side impact intersection accidents have a higher rate of death and serious injuries because there is "comparatively little vehicle protective structure to safeguard occupants in the struck vehicle."

Drivers need to be aware of added risks of intersection accidents, and especially side-impact collisions. When shopping for a vehicle, consider looking for a car with side airbags to ensure the vehicle has the maximum in safety features. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulations do not cover side airbags, which are optional. Technical Working Group has created voluntary standards, and vehicle features lists will denote side airbags following TWG standards with an "M."

Drivers should also ensure they obey all traffic signals at intersections, come to a full stop when approaching a stop sign, and ensure cross traffic has cleared before entering the intersection. Prevention of T-Bone accidents is important to save lives and every motorist should understand intersections are among the most dangerous places on the road.

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