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What Vacation Accident Risks Do Americans Face?

If you are embarking on vacation, you are probably excited about the prospect of seeing somewhere new. Mingled with the excitement, however, there may be a bit of worry. Is your vacation destination safe, and are you at risk of vacation accidentssunset-plane-2-1454477

These are all questions people ask when going on holiday. The answer, however, is that while most people end up having a vacation without incident, injuries and accidents do happen. The most common cause of vacation accidents, however, is also a leading cause of injuries and fatalities in your own home location.

Vacation Accident Risks Faced by Americans

Thrillist provided information on the top 10 ways that Americans die while they are on vacation. The top 10 causes of fatalities during holiday trips include:

  • Maritime accidents. Maritime accidents occur on navigable waterways of the U.S. and special laws apply. If you are visiting Florida and are injured on a fishing excursion, while water skiing or while otherwise on open waters, it is important to understand if maritime laws apply to you or if your case will be heard under classic personal injury laws.
  • Natural disasters. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and even tropical storms can cause fatalities or injuries while away. Monitoring weather reports before coming to a Florida vacation can help you to avoid accidentally showing up in the middle of a hurricane.
  • Drug use. Recreational drug use can be especially dangerous when visiting a new location, as you may not be familiar with the products you are being provided.
  • Terrorist action. Terrorism is not a common cause of death in the United States, but terrorist attacks do happen and are often more likely to occur in larger or more populous cities.
  • Air accidents. Plane crashes on the way to a destination or on helicopter sightseeing tours once you have arrived are all possible places where accidents could happen.
  • Drowning. With Florida's boating-centered culture, and with so many pools and open water areas in Florida, drowning is a serious risk. Homeowners and commercial pools owners need to keep their pools safe and secure, but incidents can still occur and victims could be permanently brain damaged or killed.
  • Hiking, rafting, and other accidents. When you come to Florida, there are plenty of parks and outdoor places for hikes and other related activities. However, safety practices must be followed to avoid accidents.
  • Suicide. Some people will go on vacation to stay in a hotel when they die by suicide so their families do not need to deal directly with the aftermath.
  • Homicide. Negligent security on the part of the hotel, restaurant, or other commercial location where you were staying could lead to a claim of liability when injury happened due to violence.
  • Auto accidents. Car crashes can happen both at home and abroad. If the other driver was at fault, he should be responsible.

Accidents and injuries while away from home are frightening and create logistics issues when you need to pursue legal action in a place you do not live. Experienced legal professionals can help.

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