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Unsafe Habits Increase West Palm Beach Boating Accident Risk

While the press devotes significant time and discussion to auto accidents and the driving behaviors which cause them, there is much less discussion about the behaviors which cause boating accidents. Boats, too, can cause serious injuries during collisions and even explosions. Florida is widely known to have the highest number of injurious and fatal boating […]

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Los Conductores Jóvenes Crean Mayor Riesgo

Miles de personas mueren cada año debido a conductores que van a alta velocidad, distraídos, o pasándose las luces rojas. Aunque los accidentes fatales son causados ​​por conductores de todas las edades, una nueva investigación sugiere que los adultos jóvenes representan el mayor riesgo para los automovilistas en West Palm Beach. Según la National Highway Traffic […]

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Causas de Accidentes de Motocicleta en West Palm Beach y Consejos de Prevención

Todos los días, los accidentes de motocicleta producen lesiones graves a los motociclistas en las carreteras y autopistas de la Florida. Desafortunadamente, el 60 por ciento de los accidentes de motocicleta que involucran a un automóvil en la Florida son causados ​​por el conductor del vehículo. Existen situaciones comunes donde es mayor el riesgo de un accidente […]

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Young Millennial Drivers Pose the Greatest Risk

Thousands of people are killed each year because of drivers who speed, are distracted and blow through red lights. Although fatal crashes have been caused by drivers of all ages, new research suggests young adults pose the greatest risk to motorists in West Palm Beach. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,477 fatalities occurred in […]

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