What Is the Purpose of Personal Injury Protection?

When you are a resident of the state of Florida and you own a vehicle, you will need to obtain Personal Injury Protection when you are getting auto insurance. It’s the law in the state of Florida. The purpose of having this level of protection is to ensure that your injuries are covered if you […]

Uninsured Drivers in Both Cars at Time of Accident – What Happens?

In some motor vehicle accidents, both or all drivers involved in the accident may be driving without auto insurance. In this case, the injured party or parties who were not primarily responsible for the accident may have to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for medical bills or loss of income due to […]

Construction Zone Auto Accidents: Common Causes

Car Accidents in Construction Zone Statistics Whenever we see a construction zone on an expressway, highway, or any other type of road, the first thing we think about is how much of a delay the construction will cause us in getting to our destinations. What we do not necessarily think about, however, is the possibility […]

Florida Personal Injury Compensation

How Injured Florida Residents Can Seek Compensation After a Personal Injury Compensation in a personal injury claim is critical to allowing the victim who sustained the injury to recover. Compensation allows a victim to pay for medical bills and to cover their daily expenses if they are unable to work. Personal injury claims in Florida […]

Cognitive Distractions and Drivers

The Dangers of Distracted Driving Every driver faces all kinds of distractions while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, in some cases these distractions can lead the driver to cause an accident. Distracted driving accidents can cause injuries that can last a lifetime and lead to severe disabilities. If a driver deliberately or negligently allows a distraction […]