Critical Steps You Must Take Following a Car Accident

Car accidents in Florida can be challenging to sort out, especially if one of the drivers involved fails to stop at the scene. Regardless of the severity of the crash, you should always take the steps outlined in this post when involved in a car accident. Every move that you make following a car accident […]

The Common Causes of Florida Car Accidents

You can suffer permanent injuries, loss of a limb, paralysis, and even death as a result of a Florida car accident. Even the most minor fender bender can cause you to suffer whiplash. The minute you are involved in a car accident, you need to protect your rights. This is done by calling 911 so […]

The Driver of Fatal Tesla Crash Was Gaming While Driving

The driver of a Tesla that was involved in a fatal accident that occurred on Highway 101 and Highway 85 in California was believed to be playing a game on his phone directly before the collision happened. The National Transportation Safety Board provided these details after performing a full investigation into the matter. The accident […]

Common Injuries After A Bicycle Accident

Riding a bike is common in Florida. With our warm weather and beautiful landscapes, many Florida residents choose to ride their bike either to and from their destination or for leisure. As with any mode of transportation, accidents can happen. And when they do, they can leave you with expensive medical bills, missed time off […]

Top Three Most Common Birth Injuries

Childbirth is something that’s been perfected over the centuries. Since the days of antiquity, we’ve been working hard to develop methods that make deliveries safer. Despite that, thousands of mothers and newborn children still get injured before, during, or directly after childbirth in modern times. Learn about the top three most common birth injuries below […]