Cognitive Distractions and Drivers

The Dangers of Distracted Driving Every driver faces all kinds of distractions while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, in some cases these distractions can lead the driver to cause an accident. Distracted driving accidents can cause injuries that can last a lifetime and lead to severe disabilities. If a driver deliberately or negligently allows a distraction […]

What Injured Passengers Should Do if Involved in an Accident

Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Passengers Most motor vehicle accidents are chaotic events. In many events, the parties involved in the accident and their insurance companies may not agree upon who was at fault. As a passenger, you know that you are not to blame for the accident, so why should you be forced to wait […]

Florida Uber Accident- Steps to Take Afterwards

Uber Accidents You never expect to be in an accident when taking an Uber. In fact, many people take advantage of rideshare services like Uber to safely get to and from their destination. Unfortunately, there are the same risks of being in a rideshare accident as there is in a car accident. The difference, however, […]

Adriana Gonzalez Attends 2019 Anchors Aweigh Conference

Anchors Aweigh! This year’s Tampa Bay Anchors Aweigh Conference, which was held on July 12th and 13th, had over 150 voluntary bar leaders in attendance. The Tampa Bay Anchors Aweigh Conference offers insights from current bar leaders and sessions and events to develop future leaders in law. One of the more notable members was practicing […]

Injured While on a Bus, Who Is at Fault?

Bus Accidents in Florida Many Florida residents rely on the public bus transportation system. Buses take people from destination to destination within their own city, as well as on cross country travels. While bus transportation is usually considered a safe method of commuting, accidents can and do happen. It is not always clear who is […]