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Florida Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Experienced Paralysis Attorneys in Lake Worth, FL Committed to Representing Clients Suffering from Spinal Cord Injuries in Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Across South Florida

Spinal cord injuries often cause long-lasting or permanent damage that can impact all aspects of the injured party’s life, from the individual’s mobility to his or her ability to live independently. Because the spinal cord is one of the most fundamental areas of the body, injury to this area can have far-reaching consequences. Spinal cord injuries can occur in a variety of ways, including in a car accident, a slip and fall accident, a construction accident, or as a result of medical malpractice. If a third party’s actions or omissions caused a spinal cord injury to you or a loved one, it is important to seek legal advice from an attorney who you can trust. Our Florida spinal cord injury lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., our Florida spinal cord injury lawyers have worked to successfully secure compensation for clients who have suffered spinal cord injuries because of a third party’s negligence. We understand that spinal cord injuries can result in chronic pain that can last a lifetime, even if the injury is not severe enough to cause paralysis. Clients who are paralyzed or who suffer from the painful effects of a spinal cord injury often find themselves facing significant additional expenses because of the injury, which is compounded by the fact that the injured party may be unable to return to work following the injury. Our attorneys can help you deal with the frustration of knowing that another party’s negligence caused or contributed to your spinal cord injuries, while we work tirelessly to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation from the responsible party.

Establishing Legal Liability for Spinal Cord Injuries

Florida Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

The spinal cord is about 18 inches long and is composed of bones called vertebrae. The spine is essentially segmented into three separate regions:

The severity of a spinal cord injury will depend upon where the injury occurred, and injuries to the higher portions of the spine tend to result in the most severe injuries. A skilled personal injury attorney with experience advocating for compensation for victims of spinal cord injuries can be necessary to establish liability when multiple parties and insurance companies attempt to disclaim responsibility. Our attorneys work to establish legal liability for a spinal cord injury by investigating the actions of:

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Battle-Tested Lawyers Fight for Your Right to Fair Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries

After you have received medical attention for your spinal cord injury, consult with a skilled spinal cord injury attorney as soon as possible to begin the process of obtaining the maximum level of compensation available for your injuries. We will fight to establish the value of your claim and help you obtain compensation to offset the added costs that a spinal cord injury can cause, including:

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If you or a loved one has sustained a spinal cord injury and you believe that a third party’s negligence may have caused or contributed to the injury, contact our offices to schedule a free consultation today. We have our main office located at 813 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460, as well as an office in Pompano Beach, Florida. It is never too early to seek out skilled legal representation, and our Florida spinal cord injury lawyers are here to begin fighting for your rights today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About South Florida Spinal Cord Injuries

Can I recover compensation for my spinal cord injury even if I was not paralyzed by the injury?

Yes. In many cases, injuries to the discs or ligaments in the spinal cord can cause chronic pain that gives rise to your right to compensation. If another person’s negligence caused your spinal cord injury, you still have the right to be compensated for unreimbursed medical expenses, future medical care, potential lost earnings, and other expenses that only become necessary because of the injury—even if your spinal cord injury was not the most severe type of injury possible.

How much will my spinal cord injury cost?

There is no set amount that a spinal cord injury will cost. The costs associated with a spinal cord injury can vary, depending upon the severity of the injury, but it is possible that annual costs could reach $150,000 or more. This figure highlights the importance of getting skilled legal advice to help you anticipate potential future costs, as well as to obtain compensation for amounts that you have already spent because of the injury.

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