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Auto Accident Injury Attorneys in Palm Springs, FL Help Victims of Car Accidents Seek Rightful Compensation for Their Damages and Losses in Palm Beach County and Throughout Florida

Your life might be severely affected by a car accident in Palm Springs, particularly if the insurance companies won’t work with you. However, if you have the experienced Palm Springs car accident lawyers at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. on your side, you can obtain the greatest amount of compensation to aid in your recovery.

After an automobile accident, Florida’s no-fault insurance regulations make it simple to receive medical attention and receive compensation for property damage. Every driver in the state is obliged to have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, which covers injuries from accidents, in an amount of at least $10,000. 

But what happens if your injuries are so severe that they cost more than $10,000? You can hold the other party responsible by making a third-party claim against them or even suing them to obtain further compensation if you can demonstrate that they were careless and contributed to the accident.

You must establish liability in third-party automobile accident lawsuits, which is challenging even when you have proof. Even if you’re up against difficult insurance companies, our auto accident injury attorneys in Palm Springs, FL, can help you receive more money.

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Insurance Claims Procedures in Florida and Palm Springs

One of the most hazardous areas in the nation to drive is Palm Springs. A significant accident occurs every few minutes, according to live crash statistics, and figures for 2022 show a total of 62,255 crashes. 28.192 of these involved injuries, 298 of which were fatal, and 307 of which were deaths.

Because there are so many accidents, no-fault insurance makes filing claims simple and hassle-free. No matter who was at blame, your insurer will cover the cost of your care. You should contact them as soon as possible after the accident and no later than 10 days afterwards.

However, if you can demonstrate that the other motorist was irresponsible and accountable for your damages after your insurance has run out, you may also bring a third-party claim against them. 

Using Our Experienced Palm Springs Car Accident Lawyers To File A Third-Party Claim

Palm Springs Car Accident Lawyers

To submit a third-party claim, you must gather proof showing the other motorist was at fault. You could demonstrate, for instance, that they disregarded traffic laws, drove carelessly, or did so while intoxicated.

It is crucial to gather evidence at the accident scene because of this. Get the names and addresses of any witnesses, record video and still images, and speak with the responding police officer.

Negotiations to reach an equitable settlement on the amount of compensation start once the third-party insurer affirms that their client was at fault. There are claim appeals procedures you can use, such as external appeals that are governed by the government, if your claim is denied or rejected.

Claims from third parties are always challenging. Along with managing the discussions, you also need to conduct investigations and gather evidence. Hiring our experienced auto accident injury attorneys in Palm Springs, FL to handle all of that work for you is a wise option. In fact, according to statistics, using a lawyer can increase your payout by two to three times compared to going it alone.

When To File A Car Accident Lawsuit

If the formal claims procedure is unsuccessful, you may be able to sue the at-fault party and their insurer. You can choose to go to court, for instance, if the insurance company is behaving in bad faith or if the settlement sum it is giving is too low.

If there was egregious negligence, automobile accident victims more frequently bring claims. A drunk motorist who kills someone or a reckless driver who hits a pedestrian, for instance, would both be subject to legal action. Additionally, anyone else who contributed in any way to your accident may be held liable, including car manufacturers, road maintenance organizations, and others.

Due to Florida’s comparative negligence laws, you may be able to seek compensation from each culpable party according to how negligent they were. It also implies that you may still be entitled to partial compensation even though you contributed to the problem.

It’s crucial to work with our knowledgeable Palm Springs car accident lawyers when you decide to file a lawsuit. This makes sure that, in the event of a settlement or a trial where a judge or jury will decide the proper award amount, you will receive the greatest compensation possible.

How to Succeed in a Car Accident Claim With the Help of Our Palm Springs Car Accident Lawyers

It might be challenging to prevail in a third-party insurance claim or litigation. You need to undertake a few additional things in addition to gathering evidence at the scene to improve your chances of winning:

Your accident’s initial days and weeks are extremely important. The opposing insurance company will be seeking proof to deny liability or lower the potential settlement sum. Your behavior will be crucial since insurance firms aren’t above following you on social media or hiring private investigators.

The most crucial thing you can do is contact Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. as soon as possible to speak with one of our Palm Springs car accident lawyers so that we can help you navigate the claims and negotiation processes.

What Losses Are Recoverable From a Car Accident Claim?

You are able to get both compensatory and non-compensatory damages through a third-party claim or lawsuit. Thus, you may be entitled to damages for:

To guarantee that you receive the greatest amount of damages given, our skilled auto accident injury attorneys in Palm Springs, FL will work to make sure that your claim is supported by documents and expert witnesses.

When Is the Right Time to Hire Our Palm Springs Car Accident Lawyers?

Not just when you’re suing the other motorist, but also right away after a collision, you should retain the services of a car accident attorney. Our Palm Springs car accident lawyers can assist you with case investigation, evidence gathering, and negotiation if you decide to file a third-party lawsuit to ensure you receive just compensation.

Additionally, our auto accident injury attorneys in Palm Springs, FL can assist you in navigating the difficult claims and appeals procedures and prevailing over obstinate insurance providers. For a free case consultation, get in touch with us right away.

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About Palm Springs, Florida

The village of Palm Springs is located in Palm Beach County, Florida, about 61 miles north of Miami.

Near the southernmost point of the village, State Road 802 (also known as Lake Worth Road locally) runs east-west. Near the eastern edge of Palm Springs, Congress Avenue (marked as State Road 807) is a road with a north-south orientation. Military Trail (known as State Road 809) borders Palm Springs’ furthest western boundaries. Near the northern edge of the community, State Road 882 (also known as Forest Hill Boulevard locally) travels west to east. Just beyond the village limits, on Forest Hill Boulevard and 10th Avenue North, there are two entrance and exit ramps for Interstate 95. Several Palm Tran lines, including Route 2 along Congress Avenue, Route 46 along Forest Hill Boulevard, Route 60 along Purdy Lane, and then Kirk Road to the north, serve Palm Springs. Route 62 on Lake Worth Road and Route 61 on 10th Avenue North

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