Case Results – Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A.


We recovered the policy limits for our client whose husband was killed in an accident at an intersection. We were able to prove the defendant ran a red light because she was texting on her telephone.


Car accident in West Palm beach. Client injured her ankle requiring surgery.


Work-related slip and fall accident. The landowner failed to correct or warn about a dangerous condition on its property.


Trucking accident in Volusia County Florida. Client was a passenger in the Tractor Trailer which rolled over because the driver fell asleep. He sustained injuries to his lower back in the accident.


Car accident. Defendant made a right turn on red and failed to stay in the inside lane, causing her car to collide with our client’s vehicle. Client sustained lower back injuries requiring surgery.


Car vs. bicycle accident in Palm Beach County, Florida. Client was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a pizza delivery driver.


Automobile accident in Palm Beach County, Florida. Client injured his lower back in the accident.


Car accident in Palm Beach County. Defendant rear-ended our client in heavy traffic, pushing her into the vehicle in front. Client injured her neck, requiring surgery.


Car accident case where the policy limits were $10,000.00. Gonzalez & Cartwright was able to prove the bad faith of the insurance company, resulting in a $350,000.00 settlement for the client.