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Loss Of Limb Attorneys in Lake Worth, FL Fight to Uphold Clients’ Rights in Cases Involving Amputations or Loss of Limbs in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Throughout South Florida

Loss of a limb in an accident, or the amputation of a limb following an accident or illness, is a traumatic and catastrophic event that will have life-altering and far-reaching consequences for you and your loved ones. While a lengthy recovery period will undoubtedly accompany the injury itself, loss of a limb is a permanent injury that will require adjustments to every aspect of your life. If you have lost a limb, whether through a traumatic accident or amputation, you may soon find yourself struggling in an attempt to re-learn how to perform basic activities of daily living. You may also find it difficult or impossible to return to the work that you performed prior to the amputation or loss of limb, which will only compound the potential economic impact of the injury. Our Florida amputation lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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The Florida amputation lawyers at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. are here to help you adjust to the new realities of life following an amputation or loss of a limb. We know that, in many cases, the recovery process can be emotionally taxing as you fight to regain the quality of life to which you were accustomed prior to the injury. Our attorneys are here to provide guidance and support throughout all aspects of your recovery, and we are committed to advocating for your right to monetary compensation so that you are able to focus on the tasks of recovering physically and mentally. We understand that your recovery may be difficult and time consuming, and we are committed to providing dedicated legal support as we explore options to maximize your compensation.

Unique Challenges in Loss of Limb or Amputation Cases

Florida Amputation Lawyers

After the initial hospitalization and healing process, many people who have lost a limb will eventually be fitted for an artificial, prosthetic limb. While the artificial limb can help the individual regain his or her quality of life in the long term, the process of being fitted for the limb can be time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, most artificial limbs are not designed to last for the long term, which means that the process will typically be repeated throughout the injured party’s lifetime.

While the costs of the limb itself may be fairly easy to quantify, it can be more difficult to assign a dollar value to the mental and emotional costs associated with adjusting to life with an artificial limb. A skilled North Lauderdale personal injury attorney with experience advocating for clients’ rights following the loss of a limb or amputation can argue for a compensation package that fully reflects the challenges that the injured party will face following the loss of a limb. A full and fair compensation package may include compensation for:

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Why Choose Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. to Fight for Your Right to Compensation Following Loss of a Limb or Amputation?

At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., our attorneys have successfully worked to obtain compensation in cases involving loss of limbs or amputation resulting from the following types of scenarios, among others:

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Our North Lauderdale attorneys have over a decade worth of experience advocating on behalf of the local community in South Florida, but our attorneys also have experience working within the insurance companies themselves. This provides us with unique insight into the ways that insurance companies work, which helps us as we negotiate to recover the maximum amount of compensation for our clients. If you have lost a limb and wish to discuss your case with a skilled, bilingual attorney, contact our offices at 561-898-0497, or toll-free at 888-888-3903, to schedule a free consultation today. We have our main office located at 813 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460, as well as an office in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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Frequently Asked Questions About South Florida Amputation Injuries

What happens during a free consultation to discuss my amputation injury case?

If you have lost a limb and believe that a third party was responsible, we offer you a free consultation to discuss your case. First and foremost, we will listen to your story and offer our fair and honest opinion regarding your case. We will explain the various legal options available to you, and we will explain what will happen in a number of scenarios. Importantly, we want our clients to know that our office is a safe environment, so our attorneys are available to provide legal counsel regardless of your immigration status or ability to speak English.

My doctor says that I will have to be fitted for a new artificial limb in five years. Can I also receive compensation for that expense?

Our attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that you receive a compensation package that encompasses the entire extent of the added expenses you will incur. In many cases, the structure of a compensation package can be created so that you will receive payments over a period of time. In some cases, your compensation is awarded in a one-time, lump-sum amount. In all cases, we will fight to ensure that the total amount you receive takes into account the need for future medical expenses, including obtaining new artificial limbs over time.

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