Delray Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

Trusted Accident Attorneys in Delray Beach, FL Seek Maximum Compensation for Accident and Injury Victims in Palm Beach County and Throughout Florida

When you are injured because someone else acts carelessly or recklessly, you are the one who has to suffer through a painful physical recovery. Your injuries might even require adjustments to the basic way you live your life. Despite this, you don’t have to suffer the financial consequences of a personal injury. At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., our trusted Delray Beach personal injury lawyers formed our practice over a decade ago with one goal in mind: protecting the legal rights of accident victims in South Florida. 

We have successfully helped hundreds of accident victims get fair compensation for their injuries. Our injury lawyers even have experience working for the same insurance companies you might find yourself facing.

We believe the key to our success is our dedication to our clients’ individual circumstances, you can rest assured that you will be more than just a file number in our office.  Many accident victims fail to get legal help because they are worried about what will happen if they draw attention to themselves. Our lawyers will make sure you understand what to expect throughout your case. 

We are proud to offer unparalleled legal representation to accident victims in Delray Beach.  To learn more about our practice, call for a free case review today.

Our Delray Beach Personal Injury Practice

Delray Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., we want to keep our community as a whole as safe as possible.  One way we can do that is by holding careless parties accountable for injuries and providing a safe space for all accident victims in our community.  Our personal injury lawyers can help you with cases involving:

  • Delray Beach Boating Accidents Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Lyft Accident Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Uber Accident Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Bicycle Accident Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Truck Accident Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Dog Bite Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Construction Accident Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Car Accident Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Defective Products Lawyer
  • Delray Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer

Regardless of how you were injured, we put skillful legal strategies to work to get the most compensation possible.  Our passion lies in protecting the rights of accident victims across Delray Beach and South Florida—and when we take on your case, you can rest assured that our injury lawyers fight to win. 

Bilingual Personal Injury Lawyers Handle Your Delray Beach Claim from Beginning to End

Our personal injury lawyers at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. will stand by your side from start to finish—whatever that end point may be for you.  We understand if you prefer to resolve your case out of court even though we are always prepared to fight through trial to protect your rights. Taking into account your full circumstances, we will put the full weight of our legal skills to work to recover the most available compensation for:

  • Medical expenses,
  • Long-term care,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Lost wages,
  • Your inability to return to your former employment,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Emotional distress,
  • Loss of the companionship or guidance of a loved one,
  • Property damage,
  • Any special damages unique to your case.

To recover these types of compensation, it is important to carefully follow the personal injury process that applies in Delray Beach.  For example, Florida law only allows you to file a lawsuit within four years of the accident—which may seem like a long time, but it is always better to get the evidence we need soon after your accident. Our personal injury lawyers will:

  • Investigate your case to get the evidence we need,
  • File your claim and the required notices that we will be seeking compensation,
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies to get from their initial (usually low) settlement offer to a full and fair compensation package,
  • File a lawsuit if the insurance company refuses to negotiate fairly,
  • Argue your case in court if needed.

Schedule a Free Case Review with Our Award-Winning Delray Beach Personal Injury Lawyers Today

Delray Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

In your free consultation, our Delray Beach accident attorneys will sit down with you to hear what happened to cause your injuries.  Based on that information and our discussion, we can begin discussing the best course of action in your case.  Even if you are not entirely sure who or what caused your accident, our lawyers can help.

To schedule your free case review with an experienced Delray Beach personal injury lawyer, call our office or contact us online today.  We know your recovery may be a long road, so we can come to you if you are not well enough to travel.

About Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach is located in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Although the Delray Beach population is only estimated at about 69,358 as of 2018, its 3-miles of beaches along the Atlantic Ocean attract thousands of seasonal residents and tourists each year.  In the past decade, Delray Beach has been named America’s Most Fun Small Town (Rand McNally) and the 3rd Happiest Seaside Town (Coastal Living).  

Delray Beach is also one of the towns that have adopted a ‘street legal’ rule to allow golf cart transportation throughout the community—a rule that, unfortunately, can create conditions where injuries are likely to occur among inexperienced drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delray Beach Personal Injury Claims

How does the insurance company or a jury decide how much money I should receive for pain and suffering?

In calculating compensation for pain and suffering, the expertise of your lawyer really does matter. When your lawyer takes the time to fully understand how your injury has impacted your life, they can make a more compelling argument for higher pain and suffering damages. Under Florida law, pain and suffering damages are available based on “what is fair and just in light of the evidence”. Pain and suffering damages can account for:

-The physical pain of the recovery process,
-The trauma of the accident itself,
-Your future inability to participate in the activities you once enjoyed—even if it is simply the ability to lift your grandchildren,
-The inconvenience of having to travel to doctor’s appointments, spend time in the hospital or even find someone to drive you to the grocery store.

What if I’m not sure about filing a personal injury lawsuit because the person who injured me does not have much money?

It is almost always an insurance company who is actually responsible for paying your compensation. Accidents do happen, and it can be any one of us who may one day find ourselves at fault. In reality, the insurance company is ultimately liable. Depending upon the type of accident involved, we may be able to pursue compensation from a:

-Car insurance company,
-Homeowner’s insurance policy,
-Business liability policy,
-Commercial insurance policy.

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West Palm Beach, Florida
They made the whole process really easy. They updated me with what was going on with my car insurance, they helped me out with where to go to get a car rental. They knew my case, they knew who I was, and they could really just guide me toward the right direction.


Broward County, Florida
When I came over here, they treated me like family. I really appreciate it. I referred them to a couple of friends. I explained to my friends and family how the office treated me so good.

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