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Exploring the potential right to recover monetary compensation after the death of a loved one caused by the negligent actions of a third party is undoubtedly difficult and often heartbreaking. Unfortunately, the emotional pain of losing a loved one can be heightened by the stress of growing financial obligations, especially when you have lost a primary source of income. Our attorneys understand this, and we work tirelessly to protect you from any additional and unnecessary trauma that navigating the legal system might cause. At the same time, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality legal services to aggressively fight for your right to full and fair compensation from the party whose negligence caused the death of your loved one. At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., our Florida wrongful death lawyers will take the lead in advocating for your right to compensation while you focus on the much more difficult task of grieving for your loved one.

A wrongful death lawsuit is different from a criminal action in that it proceeds through the civil court system with the aim of receiving monetary compensation, and compensation awards are often negotiated with insurance companies and negligent parties before reaching trial. It is possible that a criminal case will also proceed against the responsible party, but that is a completely separate action and will not recover monetary compensation for the victim’s loved ones.

Who Can Sue for Compensation in Florida Wrongful Death Cases?

Florida Wrongful Death Lawyers

Florida has very specific rules governing who is entitled to recover monetary compensation for the wrongful death of an individual. It is the personal representative of the deceased individual’s estate who will file the wrongful death action on behalf of the family and estate. In Florida, only certain parties are entitled to recover damages in a wrongful death action, including:

  • The surviving spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Other blood relatives or adoptive siblings who partially depended upon the deceased individual for support or services

The issue becomes more complicated with respect to children born to unmarried parents. The child is entitled to recover damages based upon the wrongful death of his or her mother, but he or she may only recover damages based upon the wrongful death of his or her father if the father formally recognized the child and was required to contribute support for the child.

Wrongful Death Attorneys Gonzalez & Cartwright Aggressively Fight to Obtain Full Compensation for Clients

The Florida wrongful death lawyers at Gonzalez & Cartwright will fight to help you recover the full amount of damages permitted under Florida law, which allows recovery for damages such as:

  • The value of support and services that the deceased individual provided to the family member.
  • Compensation for lost companionship, guidance, and protection.
  • Pain and suffering caused by the loss of a child.
  • Medical and funeral expenses.
  • Lost wages, employment benefits, and other types of earnings to which the deceased reasonably would have been entitled if he or she had survived.

The types of available compensation can vary, based upon the relationship between the deceased individual and the person (or persons) who brings the wrongful death lawsuit. In many wrongful death cases, more than one category of compensation will be available, depending upon whether the deceased party was the primary source of the family member’s income. Our Florida wrongful death lawyers will fight to ensure that you receive the maximum level of compensation possible in your wrongful death case.

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At such a difficult time, you need an attorney who you can trust to stand by your side. At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., these are more than just words on paper or a computer screen. We have dedicated ourselves both personally and professionally to serving the community of Florida, and we will forcefully advocate for your right to fair compensation. If you have lost a loved one and would like to explore your options for filing a wrongful death lawsuit, contact our Lake Worth offices to schedule a free initial consultation today. We have our main office located at 813 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460, as well as an office in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Wrongful Death

What types of evidence do I need in order to file a wrongful death lawsuit?

The relevant evidence will vary, based upon the type of accident involved. Our attorneys will investigate to determine the cause of the accident, and we will examine witness testimony, medical reports, workplace safety records, product information, and other types of evidence in order to establish the fact pattern of your wrongful death case.

How much compensation can I receive in a wrongful death case?

This varies from case to case. For example, in wrongful death cases alleging medical malpractice, Florida law generally caps certain non-economic damages at $1 million for medical practitioners and at $1.5 million for non-medical practitioners. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, as well as other damages relating to emotional trauma of the loss, and these caps do not apply to actual economic damages that you may receive. Economic damages are determined based upon the actual monetary outlays that you have made as a result of the accident, as well as the potential earnings capacity of the deceased individual. These figures will vary from case to case, and our attorneys can discuss the possible for recovery with you further.

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