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Compassionate Pedestrian Injury Attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL Fight to Hold Negligent and Reckless Motorists Accountable for Injuring Clients in Palm Beach County and Throughout Florida

Pedestrian accidents represent some of the most devastating kinds of motor vehicle crashes. Because a pedestrian has virtually no protection in the event of a collision with a vehicle, even a low speed pedestrian accident can cause serious or life-threatening injuries. When a negligent or reckless motorist hits an innocent pedestrian, that driver deserves to be held accountable to compensate the pedestrian for their injuries and losses. If you have been the victim of a pedestrian accident, let West Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyers fight to get you the justice you deserve.

At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., our West Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyers have worked tirelessly to make sure that our clients recover financially, physically, and emotionally after traumatic accidents. We know that the legal process can seem complex and intimidating. Our bilingual firm stands ready to guide you through your case, handling all the details of preparing and pursuing your claims so that you can stay focused on your treatment and rehabilitation and getting back to regular life after a devastating pedestrian accident.

If you were hit by a careless or reckless driver, turn to our firm for a free initial case evaluation to learn more about what West Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyers from our firm will do to fight to get you the maximum financial compensation you need and deserve. 

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accident

In many cases, a pedestrian accident occurs due to careless or reckless drivers. Some of the most common causes of pedestrian crashes in West Palm Beach include:

  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions
  • Distracted driving, including using a cell phone, eating or drinking, adjusting the radio or climate control, or reaching around the passenger cabin
  • Drowsy or fatigued driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Reckless driving, including excessive speeding or weaving in and out of traffic
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Failing to yield to pedestrians in intersections or crosswalks
  • Failing to signal or check mirrors when turning
  • Backing up out of a parking spot or driveway without turning to look 
  • Poor visibility due to low lighting or adverse weather conditions
  • Dangerous or defective intersections or crosswalks, including broken or poorly-timed traffic and pedestrian signals or lack of paved sidewalks

West Palm Beach Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Florida Pedestrian Accident Lawyers from Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. Will Leave No Stone Unturned in Pursuing Maximum Compensation for You

If you’ve been the victim of a pedestrian accident caused by a negligent or reckless driver, our firm will thoroughly pursue all your legal options to hold the driver accountable and get you the financial recovery you deserve. West Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyers will work on your case by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the accident to recover evidence our firm can use to build an effective, persuasive case on your behalf.
  • Retaining accident reconstruction experts where necessary to help us explain how the accident occurred and how the driver who hit you was at fault for the crash.
  • Documenting your injuries and expenses and losses so that we know how much compensation represents a fair and full financial recovery for you.
  • Filing your claims with the insurance companies and aggressively pushing to reach a settlement that provides you with the financial resources you need for your recovery.
  • Going to court or to trial, if you choose, when litigation becomes necessary to fight for the best possible outcome to your claim. 

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After you have been seriously injured in an accident that occurred while you were a pedestrian, contact Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A for a free, no-obligation consultation. A West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer from our firm will discuss your legal rights and options with you and go over what you can expect in your case.

About West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach is a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida, and is the county seat. Although a part of the Miami metropolitan area, West Palm Beach is in fact the oldest incorporated municipality in South Florida, having been established two years prior to Miami, in 1894. The early decades following West Palm Beach’s formal establishment were marked by economic growth driven by agriculture in winter vegetables and tropical fruits, along with tourism that spurred the 1920s Florida land boom. During that decade, West Palm Beach’s population quadrupled. Although devastated by the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane, West Palm Beach again saw rapid growth following World War II, with many veterans returning to the area where they had trained. In recent decades, efforts have been made to redevelop West Palm Beach’s downtown areas and to preserve much of the city’s historical architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pedestrian Accidents in West Palm Beach, FL

Is a driver always at fault when hitting a pedestrian?

Although traffic laws are designed to help keep pedestrians safe from collisions with motor vehicles, the laws impose rules on both motorists and pedestrians. For example, pedestrians are required to cross at an intersection or marked crosswalk. Pedestrians must also walk on paved sidewalks wherever available. If crossing a street, intersection, or crosswalk occupied by traffic, the pedestrian is required to yield to traffic. Pedestrians may only cross at signalised intersections or crosswalks when the signal instructs them to do so. When pedestrians violate these laws and get into an accident, the pedestrian may be found partially or primarily at fault for the accident.

What to do after a pedestrian accident?

After being involved in a pedestrian accident, steps you should take to protect your legal rights and options include taking photos or video of the accident scene (or having someone do if for you if you cannot), seeking medical attention as soon as possible to diagnose the injuries you sustained and to begin treatment, and keeping records of your expenses and lost wages. In addition, you should also talk to a West Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyer from Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. as soon as possible to begin the process of pursuing a legal claim for compensation.

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