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Lake Worth Uber Accident Lawyers

Uber Accident Injury Attorneys in Lake Worth, FL Secure Compensation for Rideshare Accident Victims in Palm Beach County and Throughout Florida

Since being founded in 2009, the ridesharing company, Uber, has experienced meteoric growth. And it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular; generally speaking, you get a clean, comfortable ride from a friendly driver at a reasonable price.

And in the bigger picture, it can be argued that Uber has done motorists a service by reducing the amount of drinking and driving on our nation’s roads. After all, it’s easier than ever to catch a ride, even in places where one traditionally wouldn’t be able to find a taxi.

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On the other hand, one could also argue that Uber has contributed to the growing problem we’ve seen with distracted driving, as Uber drivers inevitably need to interact with the platform while in their car.

Regardless, Uber accidents are happening every day on South Florida roads, and at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., our Lake Worth Uber accident lawyers have become experts at handling Uber accident cases, which are more complex than typical auto accident cases and typically require resources that many law firms can’t afford to devote to their work.

Insurance Requirements for Uber Drivers in Florida

Lake Worth Uber Accident Lawyers

In May 2017 Florida’s governor signed into law a bill designed to protect passengers who use Uber as a mode of transportation, one that is sometimes referred to as the Uber/Lyft law. Before the Uber/Lyft law went into effect, there existed a patchwork of rules and requirements throughout the state.

But now the requirements for becoming an Uber driver and maintaining one’s status are uniform statewide.

For one, all prospective Uber drivers are required to pass a background check (which includes a criminal background check), before they are eligible to drive for the service. Additionally, specific insurance requirements now apply—requirements which differ depending on whether the driver has a passenger (or passengers).

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What to do After an Uber Accident

The aforementioned insurance requirements for Uber drivers help protect passengers, drivers of other vehicles, and even pedestrians who may be injured in an Uber accident. Despite this, complexities can arise in pursuing damages for injuries sustained in these incidents.

If you are the victim of an Uber accident, the following are things you should do to protect yourself and your interests.

Attorneys Gonzalez & Cartwright Are the Right Choice Following an Uber Accident in Lake Worth, FL

Lake Worth Uber Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been involved in an Uber accident in Lake Worth or elsewhere in South Florida, you want to be sure to contact and retain an experienced Lake Worth, FL Uber crash attorney. For one, Uber accident cases are typically much more complex than traditional auto accident cases and you want to make sure that your attorney is up to date with all of the relevant aspects of the law, including the aforementioned CS/HB 221.

Uber accident cases can also be extra complex from an insurance perspective. Fortunately, we have people on staff with extensive experience working in the insurance industry, providing us with firsthand insight into the tactics commonly utilizing by defense attorneys and insurance company attorneys.

If you feel that you are not being appropriately compensated for your injuries (or property damage) following an Uber accident, or if you are having difficulties communicating with an insurance adjuster, contact our Lake Worth Uber accident lawyers. We have a reputation for successfully obtaining full and fair compensation from insurance companies, and are a frequent first choice of members of the local Hispanic community, as ours is a bilingual office.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber accident in Lake Worth or elsewhere in South Florida, contact our offices either online or via phone call, to schedule a free initial consultation. Though our main office is in downtown Lake Worth (across from City Hall).

Uber / Lyft Accident Legal Services in Areas Nearby

Frequently Asked Questions About Lake Worth Uber Accidents

What if you don’t know whether the driver was on the Uber platform or not at the time of the accident?

Typically this isn’t a problem, because an attorney can generally get this information once they begin working on the case. But any information you can provide your Lake Worth Uber accidents lawyer is helpful. And it’s particularly vital to be able to prove that you actually took the ride in question. So we recommend taking a screenshot of your ride details or receipt as soon as possible.

I was injured in an accident caused by an UberEATS driver. Do I have a case?

UberEATS (founded in the summer of 2014) is an extension of Uber’s services, one in which customers can order food from local restaurants and have it delivered by Uber drivers. If you’ve been injured an accident by someone driving for UberEATS in South Florida, you are encouraged to reach out to an experienced Lake Worth Uber accidents attorney, who can help determine if the UberEATS driver (or another driver) is liable for your injuries.

Do I Need My Own Insurance If I Drive For Uber?

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