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Anyone can experience an accident at any time. South Florida’s population is growing quickly, which means that accidents are more likely to happen. Speak with a personal injury lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL from Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. if you were hurt in an incident or accident that was someone else’s fault. You might be entitled to financial compensation for the harm you suffered.

Your Immigration Status Is Unimportant When Pursuing Compensation For Injuries Sustained In Accidents

You have a right to financial compensation for the suffering you have undergone if someone else’s actions cause you harm. We are ready to use our knowledge to your advantage in your case and will put forth great effort to obtain fair compensation for you. Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. is proud of the reputation we have built in the community for giving our injured clients educated and empathetic legal assistance. Even if English isn’t your first language, you shouldn’t have any trouble interacting with an accident attorney in Miami Lakes from our office because every member of our staff is bilingual.

What Cases Can A Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL Help With?

Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A.’s accident attorneys in Miami Lakes are knowledgeable and adept at managing a variety of personal injury claims. We can handle all situations involving personal injuries, such as:

  • Car Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Truck Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Defective Product Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Dog Bite Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Construction Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Uber Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Lyft Accident Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Work Injury Attorney in Miami Lakes, FL
  • Wrongful Death Lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL
  • And more…

An aggressive personal injury lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL at Gonzales & Cartwright, P.A. will fight tooth and nail to get you the full and just compensation you deserve for your losses in Miami Lakes and all of South Florida. To organize your free case evaluation, get in touch with us.

Miami Lakes Personal Injury Lawyers

What Steps Should I Take In Miami Lakes After An Accident?

Have you ever been hurt in a collision? The accident probably left you feeling disturbed. The actions you take following the accident, however, will have a significant impact on your capacity to obtain compensation for your losses. The following actions are crucial to perform in order to increase your chances of winning a personal injury claim.

Keep a record of the accident: As soon as you can, start gathering information on the event. Take a video of the accident site and your wounds. You can even take pictures. When you submit a personal injury claim, the images and your video will be essential supporting documentation.

Report the collision: The existence of an official accident record is also crucial. For instance, you should notify your supervisors of the accident if you were hurt while working. Make sure an incident report is kept on file. Inform the authorities about the accident if you are hurt in a car crash. When requesting compensation, their accident report will be an essential piece of proof.

Receive medical care: Regardless of how terrible your injuries are, this still holds true. Some wounds don’t fully show up for a few hours, days, or even weeks after the collision. The severity of your injuries and their cause will be determined by receiving medical attention as soon as possible following your accident. The medical report you submit will be crucial in demonstrating how the accident affected you.

Speak with a personal injury attorney in Miami Lakes: After your accident, you should speak with a personal injury attorney as quickly as you can. You can decide if you have a case by consulting with a personal injury lawyer in Miami Lakes, FL early on. While the evidence is still current, your attorney will start the process of gathering it, and they’ll make sure your claim is submitted before the statute of limitations runs out.

We provide free consultations to people who have been injured. Make an appointment to find out your legal rights.

For A Free Consultation With A Knowledgeable And Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer In Miami Lakes, FL, Get In Touch With Gonzales & Cartwright, P.A.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami Lakes FL

Make an appointment for a consultation with an accident attorney in Miami Lakes to begin the process of obtaining the compensation that is due to you. We will analyze your case and go over your choices with you, according to our bilingual attorneys. We’ll give you a plan of attack for handling your claim in a way that serves your best interests.

To schedule your free case evaluation, contact Gonzales & Cartwright, P.A. right now.

Accidents And Injuries In Miami Lakes

An incorporated municipality and former census-designated place in Miami-Dade County, Florida, the United States, Miami Lakes is a suburb of Miami. Miami Lakes is home to 31,628 people as of the 2018 US Census.

Statistics show that 8 automobiles were involved in deadly collisions in just 2019 alone. There were a total of 15 people involved in these accidents, and 3 people died. One of those occurrences that ended in fatal collisions involved a pedestrian, and none of them involved intoxicated drivers.

In South Florida, including Miami Lakes, the attorneys at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. have more than ten years of expertise assisting accident victims. We will fight to uphold your rights and secure complete payment for your damages. Many of our clients have recovered just compensation with our assistance. One of the founding lawyers for our firm has prior experience working in the insurance sector. Our expectations are clear. You can rely on us to defend your rights.

Questions And Answers Regarding Personal Injury Accidents In Miami Lakes, Florida

Even if I contributed to the accident in any way, am I still entitled to compensation?

Yes, even if you played a part in the accident, you are still entitled to compensation. Florida is a state with comparative fault. This implies that even if you have a right to compensation for your harms and losses, the amount of compensation you get will be diminished in proportion to the degree of your responsibility. For instance, if your accident was 20% your responsibility, you would only be entitled to get 80% of the total compensation.

When filing a claim for a minor injury, do I need legal counsel?

Yes. Regardless of how minor the injury seems to be, it is vital to have a personal injury attorney engaged in your case. Some injuries initially seem to be mild, but they quickly worsen. It’s crucial to visit a doctor to be examined and have the severity of your injuries assessed. Additionally, you can run into difficulties getting compensated for your losses. You can manage the complexities of personal injury law with the aid of an attorney.

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