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Cooper City Car Accident Lawyers

Auto Accident Injury Attorneys in Cooper City, FL Defend the Rights of Clients Injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents in Broward County and Throughout Florida

It’s critical to protect your legal rights following your vehicle accident in Cooper City, FL. The Cooper City car accident lawyers at Gonzalez & Cartwright can assist you with submitting insurance claims and even represent you in court if necessary to pursue damages for your pain and suffering, even if doing so can be challenging.

Your own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy should cover your injury as well as any property losses, according to Florida’s no-fault auto insurance regulations. But what if your insurance rejects your claim or your policy is insufficient to pay for all of the medical expenses? It’s crucial in this situation to hold the person accountable for your accident and injuries. They and their insurance provider should pay for your damages and assist you with replacing lost wages so you may recover both medically and financially. 

We are auto accident injury attorneys in Cooper City, FL, with extensive experience, and we are here to assist you in effectively navigating the claims procedure. For a free consultation on your claim, get in touch with us right away.

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What to Do in Cooper City and Throughout Florida Following a Car Accident

Cooper City Car Accident Lawyers

In 2022, there were 35,393 traffic collisions in Broward County, which resulted in 20,885 injuries and 237 fatalities. It is one of the Florida counties with a higher than average rate of traffic accidents.

If you were in an automobile accident in Florida, regardless of whether you were the driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, or a user of Uber or Lyft, there are a few crucial measures you should follow to strengthen your claim:

Contact Gonzalez & Cartwright’s auto accident injury attorneys in Cooper City, FL if your insurance carrier rejects your claim or if the settlement is insufficient to pay for your medical bills and property damage. If you should file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver and their insurance provider, we will analyze your case without charge.

Our knowledgeable team will also assist with conducting inquiries and gathering the proof required to establish that the other party was at fault if that is required. Third parties, such automakers and governmental organizations, may occasionally also be to blame for an accident.

After a Car Accident, Handling Insurance Company Negotiations

After you report an accident and submit a claim, insurance providers have 30 days to react. They can agree with the allegation or disagree with it, but the most common outcome is a denial, which must always be supported by a good explanation.

Following then, a protracted process of talks and appeals takes place in which you attempt to establish your case and accept the suggested terms. Our Cooper City car accident lawyers experience and skills come in handy in this situation. 

To secure you the largest payout possible, Our auto accident injury attorneys in Cooper City, FL employ their negotiating abilities as well as their understanding of the law and insurance policies.

One of the main grounds for denial of claims in Cooper City and other parts of Broward County is a partial fault. Thanks to Florida’s comparative negligence laws, you can receive a portion of the damages as long as your percentage of culpability doesn’t exceed 50%.

Other denials may also be disputed, such as the following:

Insurance companies may also reject a claim in bad faith and without providing a justification. Whatever the cause, the legislation offers a thorough appeals procedure. At Gonzalez & Cartwright, your attorney will examine your claim and assist you in making an appeal or, if necessary, filing a lawsuit and taking the matter all the way to trial.

What Should I Do In Cooper City And Throughout Florida To Win A Car Accident Claim?

Car accident claims require you to demonstrate, as with all other personal injury cases, that the at-fault party owed you a “duty of care,” that failure to uphold that responsibility resulted in your damage or loss.

In real words, that means you need to gather and safeguard accident-related evidence. The evidence gathered at the site, such as video or photographic evidence, witness accounts, and the police report, is the most crucial.

There are a few more deeds or omissions, nevertheless, that might make or break your case. As our knowledgeable Cooper City car accident lawyers, we advise you to:

Insurance providers take every precaution to avoid paying claims or to obtain lowball settlement offers. For instance, they’ll make an effort to minimize your pain and suffering, which is why it’s crucial to hire Florida attorneys who have experience handling car accident claims.

How Our Cooper City Car Accident Lawyers Can Assist You In Broward County And The Surrounding Areas With Your Claim

It is essential to consult with our Cooper City car accident lawyers as soon as possible in the claims procedure. Independently handling claims, appeals, and negotiations would be difficult given that insurance companies have strong legal teams and a wealth of knowledge that may surpass yours.

The fact that you have our skilled auto accident injury attorneys in Cooper City, FL on your side lets the insurance adjusters know that you mean business. We work to safeguard you from their cheap tactics and legal gimmicks that allow them to withhold payment on claims.

If required, we’ll assist you in suing the person or entity at fault in your auto accident in order to get the most money possible. In addition to recovering compensation for concrete (economic) damages, filing a lawsuit also enables you to receive payment for trauma and mental suffering.

Above all, our sympathetic Cooper City car accident lawyers handle the difficult work on your behalf so you have time to heal and rehabilitate.

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About Cooper City, Florida

This 8.5 square mile bedroom community, Cooper City, is in Broward County, Florida, and is about fifteen miles southwest of Fort Lauderdale.

With three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, as well as a number of private and religiously associated institutions, and a wealth of parks, recreational facilities, and programs for all ages, Cooper City has long been regarded as a great place to “grow families.”

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