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No matter how carefully you drive, there is always a chance of a collision. We have little influence over how other people drive, and in our town, where visitors swarm the streets every winter, inexperienced drivers increase the likelihood of accidents. Your first course of action should be to seek qualified medical attention if you have been injured. It can be almost as crucial to consult with reputable and skilled Miami-Dade County Car Accident Lawyers.

Our whole firm at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. is devoted to assisting accident victims in Miami-Dade County and all throughout South Florida in obtaining just compensation. Our main objective is to maximize our clients’ compensation awards by giving them individual attention.

To schedule your free case evaluation, give us a call right now, or use this online form. Our Miami-Dade County Car Accident Lawyers can arrange a time to meet at our office or travel to visit you while you heal in the hospital or at home.

After a Car Accident In Miami-Dade County, Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. Can Help You Navigate The Insurance System To Obtain Compensation.

After a car accident in Miami-Dade County, getting compensation for your losses and injuries is not always an easy task. Florida is a no-fault insurance state, so if you want to get reimbursed for your medical costs and missed earnings, you must first go via your motor insurance company. Only if you have sustained serious injuries as defined by law may you file a claim for damages against the driver who caused the collision.

At Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., our knowledgeable legal team can assist you in addressing the problems that may come up when attempting to recover damages from the insurance companies after an accident, such as:

  • Your personal injury protection policy falls short of covering all of your medical costs and lost wages.
  • The insurance provider tries to make the case that your injuries are not severe or that they were partially brought on by pre-existing conditions.
  • You were a passenger in another person’s car when it was involved in an accident.
  • You suffered major injuries in an automobile collision with a driver who either lacked liability insurance or had insufficient insurance to adequately pay you for your injuries.

Financial Recovery Options After A Miami-Dade County Auto Accident

It is crucial that you receive the funding for your medical care and recuperation if you have been hurt in a car accident. You can also be entitled to money for the effects your injuries have had on your life, depending on how severe your injuries were. You may rely on our Miami-Dade County car accident attorneys at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. to exhaust all possible legal options to assist you in obtaining full compensation following a life-changing auto accident.

Miami-Dade County Car Accident Lawyers

You may be entitled to compensation after a car accident for costs and losses like:

  • Medical costs
  • therapeutic services
  • Distress and suffering
  • loss of life quality
  • services for healthcare at home
  • When you skip work to heal from injuries, you may lose wages or income
  • loss of future wages if your injuries make it impossible for you to work in the same capacity that you did before the accident
  • Damage to property, including automobile repair expenses

For A Free Case Review, Get In Touch With A Car Accident Lawyer In Miami-Dade County, FL Today

To ensure that you receive the most amount of compensation in your case, it is important to speak with seasoned Miami-Dade County Car Accident Lawyers. In fact, many victims who have attorneys representing them receive up to three times the amount of compensation as those who defend themselves.

Call or email our office right away to arrange a free case evaluation with one of our Miami-Dade County auto accident attorneys. For your convenience, we can converse in both English and Spanish.

Accidents And Injuries In Miami-Dade County, Florida

United States county of Miami-Dade is located in southeastern Florida. There were 2,701,767 residents in the county as of the next census in 2020. As a result, it surpassed all others in the United States to become the most populated county in Florida.

Accident lawyers at Gonzalez & Cartwright in Miami-Dade County know a lot about this area of the law. We are committed to making sure that insurance companies don’t pressure people who have been hurt in Miami-Dade County or anywhere else in South Florida. One of the first people who joined our group worked for an insurance company. As a result, we are ready. You can count on us to fight for what’s best for you.

Questions And Answers Regarding Car Accident Claims In Miami-Dade County

How can I tell whether I need to hire a car accident attorney?

While it never hurts to seek the counsel of a car accident attorney if you have been hurt, the following are some indications that you should arrange for a free case evaluation with a qualified attorney:

-You had major injuries in the vehicle accident; -The insurance companies are attempting to blame you even though you didn’t cause it;
-Your insurance provider won’t pay,
-Your insurance provider offers a sum that appears insufficient,
-You were involved in an automobile collision involving many vehicles or one involving a commercial vehicle. -The insurance company requests that you have a medical examination or inquires about your medical history.

It never costs you anything to consult with us, and you are under no obligation to provide any information with us about your situation.

How can I tell if Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. in Miami-Dade County is the best choice to handle my claim?

Selecting a lawyer can be a challenging choice. Our Miami-Dade County accident attorneys take great pride in the following:

-Decades of experience in the insurance sector and in defending clients’ rights, -Providing each customer with the individualized attention they deserve,
-looking into all potential avenues for obtaining compensation in your situation, -outlining your alternatives and the implications of any decision you make,
-Excellent negotiating abilities and our capacity to make a compelling case for just recompense,
-Our attention to detail in ensuring that your case is handled with the greatest quality legal skill; -Treating our clients with care and respect.

Call us right away to schedule your free case review and discover more about our firm and experience.

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When I came over here, they treated me like family. I really appreciate it. I referred them to a couple of friends. I explained to my friends and family how the office treated me so good.

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