Adriana Gonzalez Named 2019 Super Lawyer

The Law Firm of Gonzalez & Cartwright is proud to announce that Attorney Adriana Gonzalez has been named a Super Lawyer for 2019. Her hard work and dedication to the citizens of Lake Worth, Florida, extends far past her legal practice. She’s very involved with various community organizations and grassroots programs. She was also a […]

Delayed or Late-Appearing Injuries from a Car Accident

National Car Accident Statistics The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that over $836 billion was lost due to the harm caused by car accidents throughout 2010. When considering car accident injuries, most people’s first thoughts go to extreme, severe and apparent injuries. More often, however, victims of car accidents don’t even realize they are […]

Car Accidents: Proving Fault

At-Fault for a Florida Car Accident In every car accident, there is at least one person who may be considered “at-fault.” If you are injured in a car accident, proving that another person is at fault for causing the accident enables you to recover monetary damages from that person in a personal injury lawsuit or […]

Personal Injury Law Firm Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. Celebrates 9 Years of Success

Gonzalez & Cartwright In 2010, South Florida personal injury attorneys Adriana Gonzalez, Esquire and Charles Cartwright, Esquire shared a vision to create a law firm that offers superior legal representation to those in South Florida who need it the most: victims of medical malpractice and motor vehicle accidents as well as those injured or killed […]

Taking Notes After an Injury or Accident

Taking Notes after a Motor Vehicle Accident in Florida If you have been in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, then perhaps the most important measure you can take to ensure that you are adequately compensated for your resultant injuries is to document everything. This includes taking detailed notes of the accident, your injuries, and […]