How to File a Car Accident Claim If You Are Undocumented in South Florida

Car accidents are an unfortunately daily fact of life in South Florida. When an undocumented immigrant is injured in a car crash through no fault of their own, they may have misconceptions or hear misinformation about their right to seek compensation from the driver or parties at fault for the car accident. Even if a person is not lawfully present in the United States, they still have the right to equal protection under federal and state laws. This includes the right to seek financial compensation from parties responsible for inflicting injury and to access the courts to enforce that right.

Pursuing a legal claim for compensation, even when you need money to help you recover from injuries, can be a scary proposition for an undocumented immigrant. The South Florida personal injury lawyers at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. will defend the rights and interests of undocumented immigrants who have been injured in car accidents to ensure they can pursue the financial compensation they need and deserve.

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West Palm Beach, Florida
They made the whole process really easy. They updated me with what was going on with my car insurance, they helped me out with where to go to get a car rental. They knew my case, they knew who I was, and they could really just guide me toward the right direction.


Broward County, Florida
When I came over here, they treated me like family. I really appreciate it. I referred them to a couple of friends. I explained to my friends and family how the office treated me so good.

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