Florida Response to Distracted Driving

distracted driving accident pompano beach floridaDistracted driving causes accidents, and the number of distracted driving and texting accidents are increasing at an alarming rate. Legislators across the nation have attempted to tackle this difficult issue, but it’s impossible to outright ban the common causes of distracted driving like eating, changing the radio station or using a GPS. Some forms of distracted driving, like texting while driving, have been criminalized, but it is still difficult to prevent drivers from exhibiting this dangerous behavior.

Unmasking the Multitasking Myth

Distracted driving occurs any time the driver’s attention shifts from the road to another task. This all-too-common behavior does not appear to be very dangerous on the surface but looking away from the road for even a few seconds can be disastrous for motorists traveling at high speeds. The most overlooked and common distractions come in the form of:

  • Eating or drinking
  • Listening to music, changing radio stations or switching CDs
  • Attempting to read directions or use a GPS system
  • Text messaging on a cell phone
  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Speaking with a passenger
  • Doing makeup
  • Smoking or vaping

Unfortunately, too many drivers buy into the myth that multi-tasking is both achievable and safe. While some may be able to successfully multitask elsewhere, driving is not an activity that should ever be done in combination with any other task. Our human brains can only fully focus on one activity at a time. When multitasking, our brain’s power is split between the two tasks. Never take the risk of splitting your attention between driving and something else less important.

What Are Florida’s Politicians Doing About Distracted Driving?

Lawmakers are in a difficult position when attempting to curb the dangerous distracted driving trend. They combat, not only legislative and financial issues, but also a widespread misunderstanding about how dangerous the behavior really is. While some states have made it illegal to use cell phones while driving, Florida does not restrict this behavior. Florida laws do, however, prohibit drivers from text messaging while operating a vehicle. This behavior is a secondary offense, which means the driver must be caught doing something else illegal for the officer to take action against them. Currently, politicians are working to change the law to make texting while driving a primary offense.

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