Adriana Gonzalez Named President Of Palm Beach County Justice Association

adrianaPBCJA Announced New President for 2020

We’re proud to announce that attorney Adriana Gonzalez has made history by becoming the very first female president of the Palm Beach County Justice Association. Former President Timothy Murphy expressed how the organization is looking forward to Gonzalez’s leadership. He also explained how she is the perfect representative and champion of those seeking justice. She’s been an invaluable champion for hundreds of Floridians in need of legal help, and she’ll be an invaluable leader for the organization. Learn more about the upcoming president below.

Who is Attorney Adriana Gonzalez?

Attorney Adriana Gonzalez works alongside her partner, Charles Cartwright, to provide justice to injured Floridians. Together, the two formed their law firm, Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., back in 2010. The firm’s focus has always been to secure justice for victims who have been severely injured. Adriana Gonzalez has always prided herself in helping her community.

She’s well-known for her active participation in community service. Attorney Gonzalez was born in Colombia, but her family immigrated to Florida when she was nine-years-old. Now, she uses her fluent Spanish to help other Spanish-speaking Floridians in need of legal help. Former President Murphy himself explained how attorney Gonzalez convinced him to attend a pro bono event though the Legal Society. At the event, hundreds of families turned up for help obtaining ID cards. Attorney Gonzalez was there to help as many as she could. That’s the type of leadership the Palm Beach County Justice Association needs.

A Brief Overview of the Palm Beach County Justice Association

The Palm Beach County Justice Association was first established in 1988. The group was comprised of trial lawyers in Palm Beach County, and the goal of the group was to share knowledge and information. All lawyers represent injured clients, and they protect citizens from negligence and injustice.

Election Dinner 2020

A special dinner was held to honor the 2019 board of directors as well as celebrate the induction of the 2020 members including President Adriana Gonzalez. The celebration took place on January 9th at 6:00 P.M at the PGA National Resort & Spa.

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