Birth Injury Can Cause Life-Long Trauma

January 20, 2020

Birth injury lawyer pittsburgh paAlthough many women look forward to having children, giving birth can often be a traumatic experience. One study estimates that as many as 22 children born every day in the U.S could have birth injuries. During the birthing process, injuries can be inflicted to both the child and the mother in and outside the body. These injuries can cause physical, mental or emotional trauma for years to come. Some of these birth injuries are caused by the negligence of the doctor or medical staff. Learn more below.

Birth Trauma

Unfortunately, in the birthing process, there are many opportunities for injuries to occur. Birth trauma can mean a series of injuries to the baby or the mother. Many of these injuries can be sustained at the hands of a doctor or medical staff member. These injuries may cause developmental problems with the child later on in life. Trauma can also occur with the mother through excessive bleeding, improper care and internal injuries.

Injury to the Head and Neck

In the birthing process, the baby is vulnerable to various injuries. These injuries often affect the head, neck and shoulders. One common injury is Scalp Swelling, which occurs from pressure through the uterus or vaginal wall. However, these injuries are much more likely when a doctor or nurse is using forceps or other tools. Injuries to the head may cause developmental problems later in life. If a doctor or nurse uses tools like forceps and the baby is injured as a result, they may be held liable.

Broken Bones or Bruising

During childbirth, some injuries involve bruising and/or broken bones. When a doctor or nurse handles a baby too forcefully, they might inflict bruising or cause broken bones. The mother may also experience bruising if someone is gripping too tightly or if equipment damages the skin. Forceps and other tools can also cause bruising and broken bones. A doctor may be acting negligently if he/she inflicts these injuries on the mother or the child. Bruising and broken bones can leave the child suffering through the initial stages of life and usually need mending quickly after the birthing process is completed.

Weight Conditions

Babies born early can also cause weight issues, developmental problems and even life-long conditions that lead to impairments. If trauma is inflicted on a baby, or the baby is born early it may be underweight. The baby might also sustain injuries after a prolonged, difficult, or complicated labor. Abnormal positions of the baby in the womb can also harm both the child and mother.

Legal Support

In New Jersey there is a statute on medical malpractice cases that limits to two years within the date of the injury. However, because some injuries like Cerebral Palsy may not be discovered until childhood, there are some exceptions. Birth injuries may occur when a doctor or nurse is acting negligently. The mother will need the services and support of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to get through the claim and pursue compensation.

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