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The Homeland Security Act of 2003 created US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is commonly known as ICE. Its mandate is to enforce the rule created by the Department of Homeland Security by improving homeland security and public safety by enforcing both criminal and civil federal laws. ICE is a large organization that influences laws pertaining to immigration, trade, border control, customs, and more, but some of its policies – particularly ICE Detention – have torn countless families apart, many without just cause or strict adherence to the due process typically expected by members of the public. According to some estimates, there are approximately 50,000 currently in ICE detention. If you believe that you are at risk of being detained or know of someone who has been, speak with our Florida ICE detention lawyers today.

Why the Government Detains Some Immigrants

While there are many reasons an immigrant can be detained by ICE, the most common reason is that ICE determines that an individual is a flight risk and needs to be detained to make sure that they appear in Immigration Court. Immigrants can also be detained if they:

  • Are accused of a crime
  • Fail to appear at mandatory immigration hearings
  • Have a pending or late removal order
  • Seek asylum or refugee status at the border without a valid visa

If a friend or family member has been detained by ICE, it can be very difficult for their loved ones to find out where they are being held and for what reasons. Our experienced immigration arrest attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL can help you investigate the case and find out what you need to know so that we can help you take the steps needed to secure their release.

One starting place is the ICE detainee locator tool. You may be able to identify your loved one using their birthdate, home country, or other personal identifiers. However, not everyone detained by ICE will be immediately entered into the system, and in the case of minors, you may need to reach out to your local ICE office directly. Speaking with a deportation officer can help. These are people who oversee individual cases and can potentially offer detained individuals various forms that can secure their release upon the completion or adherence to specific rules or stipulations. It is critical to have an experienced immigration attorney with you to review any offers made by the deportation officer because some offers can strip the detainee of other forms of relief that they may have been entitled to before they accepted the new offer. Speak with our immigration arrest attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL for reliable assistance and guidance with your loved one’s ICE case.

Conditions in ICE Detentions

ICE is mandated by law to follow a strict set of standards in their facilities. These standards encompass family residential standards, temporary housing standards, and more. Unfortunately, many facilities are not up to code, and government oversight of facilities tends to be inconsistent. Everyone detained has the right to medical attention, the ability to communicate via telephone, free legal services, reading materials, and more. Remember that ICE detentions can happen to anyone, including holders of green cards and valid visas. Cases of mistaken identity are also common, and it can be difficult to build a sound and convincing case to secure the release of your loved one if you are not familiar with ICE rules, regulations, and operational protocols. If you suspect that a loved one in detention has not been cared for properly or has not been provided with their rights, contact our Florida ICE detention lawyers today.

Our Dedicated Immigration Arrest Attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL Can Help Secure the Release of a Detainee

In most cases, bonds are set for detainees, ranging from as low as $1,500 to as high as $20,000. Bonds are required to make sure that the detained individual will return to court to attend their immigration proceedings. When bonds are not available – usually when the detainee was convicted of committing a crime or failed to appear for court dates in the past – then the detainee may potentially have to pass their waiting period in detention. If you feel that the bond set for the release of a detained individual is too high or that the detainee should be eligible for release, we can help you request a bond hearing. As your loved one languishes in ICE detention, time is of the essence. Working with experienced Florida ICE detention lawyers can help bring your detained loved one home more quickly. Contact the skilled immigration arrest attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About ICE Detention and Immigration Arrests in West Palm Beach, FL

My loved one was detained. What should I do?

First, you should find out where they are using the ICE locator tool. You should also look into if they have an immigration court date coming up, which you can find by calling USCIS’ hotline at 1.800.898.7180. Your home country may also be able to help, so consider connecting with them with the help of an experienced immigration lawyer to inform them about the detention and to find out if they can offer any support.

How can I seek relief, remove a conviction, or file a request to reopen or reconsider a case?

The National Immigration Law Center’s (NILC) detailed guide for detainees and their families can be used to understand notices to appear, navigate immigration court proceedings, and contest grounds for removability (such as if you are a lawful permanent resident in removal proceedings but continuously resided in the United States for 7 years after being admitted before you were served with a Notice to Appear or committed an offense that made you removable). It can also guide you regarding relief and filing motions to reopen or reconsider a case. Understanding the laws that apply to specific proceedings and providing the evidence needed to resolve your case can be difficult to do on your own, so speak with our Florida ICE detention lawyers today. We will fight to protect your rights and those of your detained loved ones so contact our experienced immigration arrest attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL without delay.

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