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The majority of us have used Uber or another ridesharing service as either drivers or passengers. Due to this, a lot of individuals consider ridesharing services to be beneficial. Uber drivers can utilize their automobile to provide rides to platform customers in order to make a living—or to augment their income. In South Florida, both tourists and locals alike use Uber in place of taxis and public transit since it offers passengers a clean, comfortable trip at a fair price. It’s generally reasonable to assume that most of the time, users’ experiences with Uber are positive. What about the uncommon times when it isn’t, though? like when your Uber driver is involved in an accident that is either caused by another driver or your Uber driver? What happens if you have major injuries in such a crash? You should speak with Indian River County uber accident lawyers who has handled many accidents involving the service in South Florida. Why? Ridesharing cases frequently raise concerns that go above and beyond what you would ordinarily find in a Florida motor vehicle accident case, adding another layer of intricacy to the already complex field of auto accident law.

Why Filing An Uber Accident Claim In Indian River County Is Different Than Filing A Standard Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

People who sustain injuries in accidents that are the consequence of someone else’s negligence are protected by personal injury law by providing them with a means of recovering financial compensation for their losses. The wounded individual files a personal injury claim against the reckless driver. However, when someone is wounded in an accident involving an Uber, the process for filing a personal injury claim against the Uber driver is far more challenging.

If you are involved in an accident and it is determined that the Uber driver was at fault for the collision, the first step would be to file a claim against the rideshare driver. However, because the Uber driver is employed and earning pay while operating the vehicle, the claim will be denied under the driver’s standard personal auto insurance coverage. Personal auto insurance policies specifically indicate that coverage is only provided when the vehicle is being used for personal purposes.

Uber does provide insurance, however the coverage varies according to the circumstances and may not apply to your situation. Here are three incidents involving ridesharing that illustrate how challenging it is to bring an Uber lawsuit:

First hypothetical accident involving an Uber:

While driving, you collide with an Uber, however the driver was not at the moment transporting any passengers. Due to the fact that the rideshare driver in this case was not connected to the ridesharing app, Uber is unable to offer reimbursement because the insurance coverage it offers is time-sensitive. Therefore, you must file a claim with the Uber driver’s personal motor insurance policy. In the event that you suffered any serious injuries in the crash, the driver’s insurance policy might not offer sufficient protection.

In the second accident scenario, you are a passenger in an Uber when an uninsured driver strikes your vehicle. You file a claim after reporting your harm. Uber examines your claim but concludes that it is not covered under the contingency provision regarding motor accidents and liability insurance. Therefore, you will be responsible for paying your medical bills.

Third incident with an Uber:

While driving, you collide directly with an Uber that is transporting a passenger. In the event of an accident, your personal auto insurance company, the personal auto insurance company of the Uber driver, and the corporate insurance company of Uber must all be sued. Then, three different insurance adjusters must be hired and three settlement ideas must be discussed.

Indian River County Uber Accident Lawyers

Indian River County, Florida’s Requirements For Background Checks On Uber Drivers

One may argue that the fact that the state of Florida requires potential Uber drivers to go through a background check before they can accept fares is one reason why the Uber experience is generally pleasant. The following are some factors that may deter someone from becoming an Uber driver.

  • within the last five years, a hit-and-run incident.
  • Having been found guilty of DUI during the previous five years.
  • a conviction for operating a vehicle while your license is suspended or revoked during the last three years.
  • either a driver’s license or vehicle registration that is not current.
  • being recorded as a sexual offender on the federal registry.

Knowledgeable Indian River County Uber Accident Lawyers, Can Be Reached By Phone Right Away To Schedule A Free Initial Consultation

Timing is everything when it comes to obtaining your entitlement to compensation following an Uber accident in Indian River County. As soon as possible, get in touch with our knowledgeable rideshare accident attorneys in Indian River County, FL so that we can begin advocating for the defense of your rights. You can schedule a free initial appointment to go over your case right away by calling our office or by completing our secure online contact form.

About Indian River County, Florida

Located on Florida’s Treasure Coast, Indian River County is one of the state’s 67 counties. The population was counted at 159,788 during the census taken in the year 2020. Its principal city is Vero Beach. It is the seventh richest county in Florida and the 87th richest county in the United States based on its per capita income in the year 2000. The Sebastian-Vero Beach, Florida, Metropolitan Statistical Area is a part of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Port St. Lucie, Florida, Combined Statistical Area. Indian River County is a part of both of these statistical areas.

Indian River County uber accident lawyers at Gonzalez & Cartwright is very knowledgeable in this area of the law. We are devoted to defending Indian River County and all of South Florida’s personal injury victims against pressure from insurance companies. Our group’s first member had a job in the insurance industry. As a result, we are ready. On us to defend your interests, you may rely.

FAQs Regarding Uber Accidents In Florida

Although I have my own car insurance, I was hurt in an Uber collision in Indian River County. Can I pay for my injuries using Uber’s insurance instead?

If someone else caused the accident—for instance, if you were a passenger in the Uber car—and your auto insurance policy is not enough to cover the losses brought on by the collision, Uber’s $1 million in insurance coverage will give compensation. Florida law mandates that drivers have a $10,000 PIP insurance policy, but this amount is sometimes insufficient to pay for your injuries. In these situations, our rideshare accident attorneys can assist you in obtaining coverage from Uber’s policy for the supplementary costs.

Uber drivers are subject to the same regulations as taxi drivers regarding the maintenance of commercial insurance policies. Why wouldn’t this rule be in effect in an Uber collision?

No. Uber drivers are not subject to the same insurance regulations as taxi drivers. Taxis must have commercial insurance coverage since they are regarded as commercial vehicles. The business insurance regulations do not apply to Uber vehicles because they are still generally regarded as personal vehicles owned by the Uber driver. Due to this, Florida passed a unique set of rules that only apply to Uber accidents. These rules may be harder to reach, but they can dramatically increase the protection that accident victims receive.

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