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Auto Accident Injury Attorneys in Lantana, FL Defend the Rights of Clients Injured by Negligent Drivers in Palm Beach County and Throughout Florida

 One of the happiest beachside communities in the state is Lantana, FL, yet a traffic catastrophe can rapidly ruin your life. However, with the assistance of our Lantana car accident lawyers, you can obtain monetary compensation for your injuries in order to meet medical expenses and financial losses.

An automobile accident can result in excruciating agony and suffering. The skilled Lantana car accident lawyers at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. can assist you in filing a claim to obtain compensation for your losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional suffering, if another person was at fault for your accident.

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How to Proceed Following a Car Accident in Lantana or Anywhere Else in Florida

Making a 911 call ought to be your first move following an automobile collision. Request both the police and an ambulance if anyone is hurt. The police will take pictures of the incident and compile a report, both of which you ought to have right away.

It’s also crucial to document the event using your phone’s camera or video recording feature. Make sure to document the damage to both vehicles, the current road situation (including any stop signs or traffic lights), and the time, date, location, and weather of the collision.

Recording witness testimony and contact details is also crucial. Most critical, even if there are no obvious injuries, get to the hospital as soon as you can. You must, by law, receive a complete medical evaluation within 14 days of any kind of injury.

How No-Fault Insurance in Florida Operates

Lantana Car Accident Lawyers

One of the twelve states with no-fault insurance is Florida. This implies that your own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) plan will pay for your treatment regardless of who caused the accident. In a similar vein, your Property Damage Liability (PDL) insurance will assist in covering auto repairs.

As soon as possible after your accident, you should let your insurer know. Most insurance providers let you call in or report an accident online, which initiates the claims procedure. They will inform you if you need to go to any certain doctors or hospitals for your medical care.

Up to the policy maximum, PIP insurance covers up to 80% of your medical expenses and 60% of any lost wages. You should submit a third-party claim or a lawsuit if your medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses are greater than that amount. 

When to Contact Gonzalez & Cartwright’s Lantana Car Accident Lawyers About Claims

You can make a third-party claim against the person or people who caused the accident’s insurance carrier. If your insurance company decides that your claim is valid, they will offer you a settlement that can assist pay for extra medical expenses, missed income, and compensation for non-financial damages like emotional distress and trauma.

A personal injury suit, however, differs because you must demonstrate that the other driver was at fault. You may need to provide evidence showing the other driver was intoxicated, careless, or distracted while driving, for instance.

The insurance provider for the other party will independently look into your claim. They might present you with a settlement if they determine that it is justified. The truth is that submitting a successful third-party claim involves far more work. 

Hiring our skilled auto accident injury attorneys in Lantana, FL is one approach to improve your chances of winning. We can assist you with your research and the creation of a demand letter for your claim.

Why Enter Into A Lawsuit Following A Car Crash?

You may have a case if your accident resulted in serious injury against the party or parties accountable. This frequently occurs when an accident results in serious injuries including amputation, incapacity, or death.

If your insurance claim is rejected, you may also sue. Going to court in this situation gives you an alternative where your case will get a fair hearing and you could have more money awarded.

Suing to recover damages from underinsured or uninsured motorists is another option. If there were corporate parties involved, such as producers of defective vehicles or defective driver assistance systems, bringing a lawsuit can help you obtain compensation for your losses and impose sanctions to ensure that an incident similar to yours doesn’t occur again.

What You Need To Do To Succeed In A Florida Car Accident Claim

Automobile accidents are covered by personal injury legislation. You must establish the following four things in these situations in order to show that the other driver was irresponsible and responsible for your injuries:

These can sound simple to demonstrate, but if you’re not working with knowledgeable car accident attorneys, it’s incredibly simple to make a mistake. When making a statement, for example, you need exercise extreme caution because any rumors could be used against you. Remain factual and refrain from discussing the accident with anyone but your attorneys and close family members.

Second, avoid interacting with insurance adjusters and refuse any money they offer you. No matter how kind they seem, they are not your pals. Talking with them gives them the chance to later place the blame on you because their primary goal is to prevent costly lawsuits in the future.

How Our Lantana Car Accident Lawyers Can Assist You

It’s not a good idea to take on insurance companies by yourself, especially since they have large legal teams and plenty of resources. It’s essential to seek the counsel of knowledgeable Lantana car accident lawyers, like those at Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A., if you want to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity of receiving appropriate compensation following a collision.

We have handled personal injury claims for decades, and we have the knowledge and reputation needed to negotiate the best settlement on your behalf. Our track record includes winning lawsuits for clients in Florida’s Palm Beach County and elsewhere. We have experience trying matters in court and zealously fighting for our clients to get them the money they are due.

It’s crucial to understand that insurance firms frequently use dishonest methods to avoid paying claims. This may entail keeping an eye on social media accounts and engaging private detectives to compile data. However, you can rest confident that your rights will be protected if you consult with one of our knowledgeable Lantana car accident lawyers. We will tenaciously fight for your best interests, help you work through the difficulties of dealing with insurance companies, and obtain the money you require to recover emotionally, physically, and financially from the consequences of the auto accident.

Avoid exposing yourself to the strategies used by insurance firms. The best way to level the playing field and increase your chances of obtaining fair and just compensation for your injuries and losses is to work with Gonzalez & Cartwright as a team. For the tenacious advocacy on your behalf and the legal help and representation you require during this trying time, get in touch with our skilled auto accident injury attorneys in Lantana, FL.

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About Lantana, Florida

The town of Lantana is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. The distance from Fort Lauderdale to it is 37 miles. The metropolitan region of Miami includes this settlement.

There are slightly about 800 feet of beachfront on the town’s 8-acre beach. Since the fabled “Barefoot Mailman” made this sand famous, stepping in it is like traveling through history. Lantana played a significant role in the early development of The Palm Beaches as a halt on the renowned oceanside route traveled by the illustrious mail carrier.

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