Most Dangerous Roads in Broward County for Motorcyclists

Most Dangerous Roads in Broward County for Motorcyclists

With a combination of long, wide roads and year-round warm weather, Broward County is home to many motorcycle riders. Florida ranks near the top of all states in motorcycle registrations. However, Florida also ranks near the top as well for motorcycle accidents. In 2019 alone, there were 657 motorcycle crashes in Broward County, resulting in 541 injuries and 30 fatalities. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents that occur in Broward County can be attributed to dangerous roads. Below are some of the most dangerous roads for motorcycles in Broward County that riders should avoid or exercise extra caution on.

Sheridan Street

Also known as Florida State Road 822, Sheridan Street ranks as one of the most dangerous roads in Broward County for motorcycles. In particular, a 2.28 mile stretch along the border of Hollywood and Dania Beach is especially hazardous for motorcyclists. Sheridan Street connects to most of the major north-south arteries in Broward County, including U.S. 1, I-95, and I-75. 

State Road 7

Also known as U.S. 441, State Road 7 is one of the main north-south arteries in Broward County, with tens of thousands of vehicles traveling the highway each day. One 9-mile stretch of State Road 7 near the Melrose Park neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale is considered especially dangerous, seeing nearly 30 fatal accidents over a two-year period. 

Atlantic Boulevard and U.S. 1

The intersection of U.S. 1 and Atlantic Boulevard is one of the busiest intersections in Broward County, seeing heavy vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic. Unfortunately, the significant amount of traffic moving through this intersection means that motorcycles are at risk of getting into accidents with drivers distracted by trying to navigate this intersection. 


Arguably the busiest road in Broward County with an average of 300,000 vehicles every single day, I-95 sees numerous accidents every year, with an average of nearly two accidents per mile of the highway in Broward County. 

How to Stay Safe on Your Bike in Broward County

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents and rider fatalities have been on the rise in the past few years. This increase has been largely attributed to the overall rise in traffic numbers, as well as due to an increase in distracted driving. This makes it harder for drivers to notice motorcycles on the road with them in heavy traffic. The increase in fatalities may also be due to the fact that Florida repealed its universal helmet law in 2000, allowing riders 18 and older to decline to wear a helmet so long as they carried sufficient insurance coverage.

Riders can follow these tips to help keep themselves safe when riding on the roads in Broward County:

  • Wear a helmet and other protective clothing, such as sturdy boots or footwear that covers the ankles, long pants and a jacket made of durable materials, and gloves
  • Make sure that your motorcycle is well-maintained and in good working order whenever you get on your bike
  • Avoid congested roads whenever possible, taking side streets if possible
  • Avoid riding when feeling fatigued or drowsy. Stop and take a rest if you need to.
  • Avoid riding at night or in bad weather, which can make you less visible to other drivers

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