Truck Accidents and the Liable Parties

truck accident lawyerA truck accident is devastating for the victim. There is often severe damage to the car involved and serious physical injuries. There are many factors that may have caused the incident and usually these factors have multiple parties that may be held liable. In order to receive financial compensation that is necessary for recovery, it is important to find out who should be held responsible.

The Company

Many times, a truck driver is contracted to a company. Moreover, if the truck driver is working for a company, their employer may be responsible for the accident. A company may be responsible if they have cut corners on safety regulations or failed to complete an inspection on the vehicle. Additionally, the company might have also pushed the driver beyond their limits to meet unrealistic deadlines. In many cases, the company will end up being responsible. Many investigations find that both the trucking company and the manufacturer share liability because of unreliable equipment and/or cutting corners to increase speed.

The Manufacturer

Many times, truck accidents happen because of problems in the mechanics. If the accident is due to a faulty mechanism, the manufacturer may be at fault. There may be mechanical defects in the machine that caused it to fail. However, many truck accidents are involved with cargo from the truck. If the accident is caused by faulty cargo equipment such as ropes and pulleys that keep items secure, then that manufacturer may be at fault, as well. If the cargo falls off of the truck, the cargo loader may be responsible. The cargo loader’s responsibility is to inspect and secure the cargo on the truck.

Truck Owner

The truck owner may hold liability in an accident if the truck company doesn’t own the vehicle.

Truck owners may have a responsibility to inspect the vehicle and maintain the engine and brake systems. Also, the truck owner must maintain electronic systems and tires. Federal regulations are put in place in regards to the maintenance and inspection of these vehicles. If any of these regulations are not followed, then the owner may be held liable for any injuries or property damages sustained.

The Driver

The driver themselves may be the only responsible party. The driver may be unconnected to a company or work as an independent contractor. If this is the case, the driver may be solely liable for the accident. Additionally, the driver may have been breaking the law by driving under the influence or distraction. If the driver is going a long time without sleep he may also be responsible. It is important to investigate these possible factors. Although in many cases, drivers are connected to a company. If the accident is caused by the driver’s unsafe practices, they may be solely responsible.

Determining Liability

In a truck accident there are many parties involved. For the victim of a truck accident, it is essential to have legal representation to find out who is the responsible party and gather evidence. An expert witness and an experienced personal injury attorney can help you with this process.

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