What Are the Most Common Florida Vehicle Accident Injuries That People Get?

Car Accident Lawyer Pompano Beach FL Gonzalez & CartwrightGetting into a car accident can often result in certain parts of the body being put under a lot of strain or being seriously injured. Although it depends on the type of accident and where a victim’s car was hit during the accident, there tend to be certain types of injuries that medical professionals see more than others. These types of injuries usually fall under three different categories:

  1. Impact Injuries – These types of injuries involve a part of a person’s body striking a part of the interior of the car such as a windshield, wheel, or dashboard.
  2. Penetrating Injuries – These types of injuries involve the skin or body being pierced or cut open in some way, often by flying debris during the accident. This can include such things as broken glass or certain loose objects within the vehicle. If someone was thrown from the vehicle, this can also include objects and debris in the accident area.
  3. Whiplash Injuries – These types of injuries involve a part of the body being jerked in a direction suddenly from the impact of the accident,

Commonly Seen Injuries in Car Accidents in Coral Springs and Around the State of Florida

The list of different types of injuries one can sustain in a car accident is a long one. Not all fall under the above categories (such as burns sustained if the car exploded), but the most common ones do. Certain body parts are also a lot more likely to be affected than others. The most common injuries sustained from Florida vehicle accidents include:

  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Scrapes and Cuts
  • Head Injuries
  • Chest Injuries
  • Arm and Leg Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissues are the tissues of the body that connect bones and different parts of the body together. This includes muscles, tendons, and other ligaments. These injuries tend to fall under the “Whiplash” category, and they occur due to the soft tissue being forced quickly in a direction and stretched by the quick movements that occur from the sudden impact sustained in the accident. These injuries are most commonly seen in the neck and upper back. They can also cause long term back injuries due to the strain on the spine.

Scrapes and Cuts

Cuts and scrapes tend to occur due to broken glass or loose items in the vehicle that go flying during a collision such as a tumbler, cell phone, handbag, keys, chargers, GPS systems, or anything else. Sometimes an airbag deployment can also cause this. Scrapes and cuts can also occur if one is thrown from the vehicle and hits the road or other objects. Usually such injuries are minor and heal well, but more serious ones that cause more severe blood loss may need stitches.

Head Injuries

Head injuries can be either open or closed head types of injuries. Open head injuries include lacerations or cuts, bruises, debris impaled in the head, or burns. These usually occur from flying objects or impacts from sudden jerking motions caused by the collision.

Closed head injuries involve more internal damage. When an impact is hard enough, such as a jerking motion causing one’s head to smack hard against the driver’s side door window, skull fractures, internal bleeding, or brain damage can occur. In cases like these, immediate medical attention is even more crucial. Swelling from internal bleeding can quickly become fatal or have permanent impacts to one’s mental ability. The most severe situations result in permanent disability, coma, or death.

Chest Injuries

Most commonly, chest injuries that happen due to car accidents involve contusions (bruising or rupture blood vessels). More severe situations can involve broken ribs or internal bleeding. Chest injuries are common due to its position adjacent to the steering wheel which often results in impact with the wheel or a collision with a deployed airbag. Severe bruising is extremely common due to the position of seatbelts and how they hold the body in place during an accident.

Arm and Leg Injuries

The same causes that result in injuries for the other categories also apply to arms and legs. Due to sudden jerking motions caused by the force of impact, limbs are often tossed in a direction and hit parts of the vehicle causing bruises, scrapes, cuts, broken bones, torn muscles, or even internal bleeding in the worst cases. Knees are known for hitting the dashboard due to the limited space they are positioned in. It is important to be aware that not all injuries present themselves immediately following an accident. Make sure medical treatment is thorough and that if any symptoms occur later that you get yourself checked immediately!

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