Month: January 2020

Birth Injury Can Cause Life-Long Trauma

Although many women look forward to having children, giving birth can often be a traumatic experience. One study estimates that as many as 22 children born every day in the U.S could have birth injuries. During the birthing process, injuries can be inflicted to both the child and the mother in and outside the body.…
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Adriana Gonzalez Named President Of Palm Beach County Justice Association

PBCJA Announced New President for 2020 We’re proud to announce that attorney Adriana Gonzalez has made history by becoming the very first female president of the Palm Beach County Justice Association. Former President Timothy Murphy expressed how the organization is looking forward to Gonzalez’s leadership. He also explained how she is the perfect representative and…
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Truck Accidents and the Liable Parties

A truck accident is devastating for the victim. There is often severe damage to the car involved and serious physical injuries. There are many factors that may have caused the incident and usually these factors have multiple parties that may be held liable. In order to receive financial compensation that is necessary for recovery, it…
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